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Connection and Statement Interface Enhancements
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Figure 6-3. A developer uses a UDDI registry to find a service and retrieve the WSDL describing the service. Typically the UDDI registry contains the URL of a WSDL document describing the service. With the WSDL document in hand, the developer has all of the information he needs to prepare SOAP messages and post them to the service, and knows what SOAP messages to expect back. WSDL uses XML Schema and the XML Protocol specification (SOAP) to create this description. Instead of manually writing code to prepare these messages and post them to the server, SOAP Stacks include tools that generate client-side proxies. The proxies expose types and members that mirror the schema the WSDL describes. To consume the service, the developer then has only to add a reference to the proxy type, create an instance of it, and call a method on it (see Figure 6-4). The proxy translates the values from the native type system into SOAP messages, puts them on the wire, receives the messages off the wire, and translates that back into a native type. This largely explains why Web Service programming looks so much like (and so often gets confused with) RPC programming.
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The ASP.NET worker process needs Full Control access to the folder that stores the Local Computer certificates. Click the lower button labeled Open Private Key File Properties to open property pages for the folder. Switch to the Security tab to display the list of users who have access to the folder. Add the account that is assigned to the ASP .NET worker process, and give it Full Control permissions. By default, the worker process runs under a machine account called ASP.NET. Figure 5-7 shows you what the Security tab looks like once you have added the ASP.NET worker process account.
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The ComboBoxItem Class
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The constructors create DateTime values with differing levels of detail, ranging from a day to a moment in time measured by a millisecond. You can create a DateTime value representing the current moment by using the static Now property and representing today s date (with the time component set to midnight) by using the static Today property. Both of these properties are demonstrated in Listing 22-10. Listing 22-10. Using the DateTime.Now Property using System; class Listing 10 {
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Errors, such as #N/A, are in the Excel Table on which the pivot table is based, and you d like to hide them in the pivot table. This example is based on the Errors.xlsx workbook.
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The IBindingList interface allows a sort to be applied to a collection, either ascending or descending, based on a single property. This is done through the ApplySort() method.
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ddlPub.DataTextField = "pub_name"; ddlPub.DataValueField = "pub_id"; ddlPub.DataBind(); ddlPub.Items.Insert(0, ""); } } Here you re drilling right into the reference of the DataSet s first table, and handing the reference straight to the data-binding engine. After the list is bound, you pop an empty item into the first position of the list, so that the page will not render with a default choice of publisher. When the user makes a selection, you need to bind your GridView. Since you have the data cached, and you have a relationship established between publishers and titles, this will only take a few lines of code. For this operation, you ll use the DataView object, leveraging its intrinsic abilities to establish row filters and navigate relationships: protected void ddlPub_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { DataView dv = new DataView( GetSourceData().Tables["Publishers"], string.Format("pub_id = '{0}'", ddlPub.SelectedValue), "", DataViewRowState.CurrentRows); if (dv.Count > 0) { gvTitle.DataSource = dv[0].CreateChildView("Pub_Title"); gvTitle.DataBind(); } } Although this is only a few lines of code, you re making the DataView do quite a bit of work in its constructor. The first parameter to the constructor is, of course, the DataTable you want to create a view on. The second is the RowFilter you re applying to the view. Here you use the value of the drop-down list to describe the publisher the user has selected. Since you re filtering on the primary key of the publishers table, you know you only ever have one row in the result set of the view. The next parameter is a sort, which you re leaving blank as there s no sense in sorting a single row, and the last is an enum indicating the state of the rows you want to query. CurrentRows should be the default, and there should be an overridden constructor that omits this argument. Since there is not, you provide it here. After the constructor finishes its work, you ll have a DataView object with a single row in it, corresponding to the publisher the user has selected in the interface. To bind the grid, then, you ll use the CreateChildView method of the DataViewRow class, which allows you to navigate from a row of data in the parent view to its collection of children in a new view that gets created by the method. You can pass an instance of a relation to this method, or just name a relation, as you re doing here. Another handy facility of the DataSet is the capability to bind a column to an expression. You can use this to create simple aggregates across relationships. You can add an OrderTotal
Message Assignment Construct Message Call Orchestration Start Orchestration Call Rules Expression Decide Delay Listen
This lengthy code listing pulls together many elements that should be familiar to you by now. Please note that Step 2 is a workaround only, designed to simulate the automatic addition of the Principal object to the security token s Principal property. If you are running Windows authentication, then the Principal property will automatically be assigned. Very few actual lines of code are devoted to authorization directly (only Step 3, not counting the workaround in Step 2). Most of the work comes from extracting the security token from the SOAP request message. Of course, this entire
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