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CHAPTER 27: Find Your Way with Maps
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import javax.activation.*; public class Commands { public static void main(String args[]) { CommandMap map = CommandMap.getDefaultCommandMap(); String types[] = map.getMimeTypes(); for (String type: types) { System.out.println(type); CommandInfo infos[] = map.getAllCommands(type); for (CommandInfo info: infos) { System.out.println("\t" + info.getCommandName()); } } } }
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image, all we need to do is simply create a new Image control, set its Source to the BitmapImage Source we created earlier, give it a Height of 300 (the Width will automatically set itself while keeping its aspect ratio), and then add it to the main Grid of the application named LayoutRoot: FrameworkElement fe = sender as FrameworkElement; String objectName = fe.Name; IDataObject dataObject = e.Data as IDataObject; FileInfo[] files = dataObject.GetData(DataFormats.FileDrop) as FileInfo[]; foreach (FileInfo file in files) { if (file.Extension == ".JPG") {
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The only complicated overrides are ClearItems() and RemoveItem(). This is because AllowRemove is typically set to False and must be temporarily changed to True to allow the operation (when the collection is not in read-only mode). For instance, here s the ClearItems() method: Protected Overrides Sub ClearItems() If Not IsReadOnly Then Dim oldValue As Boolean = AllowRemove AllowRemove = True MyBase.ClearItems() DeferredLoadIndexIfNotLoaded() _indexSet.ClearIndexes() AllowRemove = oldValue Else Throw New NotSupportedException(My.Resources.ClearInvalidException) End If End Sub The original AllowRemove value is restored after the operation is complete. Notice the call to DeferredLoadIndexIfNotLoaded(), which triggers recreation of any indexes being maintained by LINQ to CSLA. LINQ to CSLA is discussed in 14. This completes all the types in the Csla.Core namespace. You can look at the full implementation of each type by downloading the code from the Source Code area of the Apress website (www.apress.com) or www.lhotka.net/cslanet/download.aspx. Also, s 7 through 16 cover many of the concepts and code in more detail.
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You can call other methods from inside a method body. The phrases call a method and invoke a method are synonymous. You call a method by using its name, along with the parameter list, which I ll discuss shortly.
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<! WS-ReliableMessaging --> <wrm:Sequence> <wsu:Identifier>http://www.bluestonerealty.com/mls123</wsu:Identifier> <wrm:MessageNumber>32<wrm:MessageNumber> </wrm:Sequence> </s:Header> <s:body xmlns:po= "http://www.bluestonerealty.com/PurchaseHouse"> <po:PurchaseHouse> ... </po:PurchaseHouse> </s:body> </s:Envelope>
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To make Smiles stand out, I didn t stop at just two games. The final product included 14 different game modes. Many are different difficulties, and some are actually variations (Long Play and Avalanche, for example). The games had to look complete, so they feature particle effects, numerous uses of physics, sound effects, high scores, statistics, achievements, and bucket-loads of polish. Figure 6-5 shows the statistics and achievements screens. The project took four months to complete from start to finish, full-time, with only one person on the project (me).
The following represents the classical Singleton pattern: class Singleton { public static Singleton Instance() { if(_instance == null) { lock(typeof(Singleton)) { if(_instance == null) { _instance = new Singleton(); } } } return _instance; } protected Singleton() { } public int Value; private static volatile Singleton _instance = null; } When implementing the Singleton pattern, the class itself becomes the singleton. The data member _instance is declared as static and volatile. This means that for the class Singleton,
It s possible to accidentally create a calculated item if you select a cell that contains a Row or Column label, and drag the fill handle, at the bottom right of the selected cell. Follow these steps to remove the formula: 1. Select the cell that contains the label for the Formula1 calculated item. 2. On the Ribbon, under the PivotTable Tools tab, click the Options tab.
object in the message queue event handler. Figure 3-7 shows the screenshot of the Default.aspx page at runtime, and Figure 3-8 shows the results of using SQL Server Management Studio to query tables Accounts, AcctBlobContainerMap, BlobContainer, and Blob from the local DevelopmentStorageDb. The results show the structure of the relation between these tables and how the tables reference each other as we have presented in Figure 3-1 and Figure 3-2 at the beginning of this chapter. It also shows that access scope of the blob container has been set to public (a value of 1). Listing 3-10. Create a Blob to Store Information from a Message Sent from a Queue private void _OnMessageReceive(object sender, EventArgs args) { Message message = (args as MessageReceivedEventArgs).Message; System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine( string.Format( "--{0}:_OnMessageReceive, message = <{1}>", this.ToString(), message.ContentAsString() ) ); string blobName = string.Format("{0}{1}", message.Id, SUFFIX); if (!_blobContainer.DoesBlobExist(blobName)) { BlobProperties properties = new BlobProperties(blobName); // Create metadata to be associated with the blob NameValueCollection metadata = new NameValueCollection(); metadata["MediaID"] = message.Id; properties.Metadata = metadata; properties.ContentType = "text/xml"; // Create the blob byte[] buffer = UTF8Encoding.UTF8 .GetBytes(message.ContentAsString().Replace("\r\n", string.Empty)); MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream(buffer); BlobContents mediaBlob = new BlobContents(ms); _blobContainer.CreateBlob(properties, mediaBlob, true); } _DataBind(); }
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