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Unfortunately, the only indication of how actions are processed in the regular user interface (UI) is a single word. As shown in Figure 4-3, then indicates serial; and indicates parallel. This is not the easiest difference in the world to spot and it will likely cause some consternation as you work through your processes.
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Table 10-2. Methods Defined by IEditableObject
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Packaging Use of the Resource
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Obviously, if you do care about the difference between a null and an empty value, you can just use a regular SqlDataReader to retrieve the data. In this case, .NET 2.0 includes the new Nullable<T> generic type that helps manage null database values. This new type is very valuable when you do care about null values: when business rules dictate that an empty value like 0 is different from null.
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The code could be simplified by only supporting binding to an object but by supporting any valid data source (including ADO.NET objects, or arrays of simple values), it provides a more flexible solution.
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Printing and Extracting Pivot Table Data
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Types are usually declared directly inside a namespace. You can, however, also declare types inside a class or struct declaration. Types declared inside another type declaration are called nested types. Like all type declarations, nested types are templates for an instance of the type. A nested type is declared like a member of the enclosing type. A nested type can be any type. An enclosing type can be either a class or a struct. For example, the following code shows class MyClass, with a nested class called MyCounter. class MyClass { class MyCounter { ... } ... } // Enclosing class // Nested class
by Pete Finnigan
CHAPTER 7: Code Optimization with Mike Lee, the World s Toughest Programmer
Operator Overloading
Type Safety
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