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Note If there are multiple subtotals for a field, the subtotals cannot be shown at the top of the group.
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Note I used an ASSM managed tablespace for this section s example, which explains why the clustering factor
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Figure 11-14. Click the Advanced Options button.
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Figure 17-1. Representation of interface IComparable Although the interface declaration does not provide an implementation for the method, the .NET documentation of interface IComparable describes what the method should do, in case you decide to create a class or struct that implements the interface. It says that when the method is called, it should return one of the following values: A negative value, if the current object is less than the parameter object. A positive value, if the current object is greater than the parameter object. Zero, if the two objects are considered equal in the comparison.
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In JavaScript, you refer to an HTML control by prefixing it with the name of the form that it is on. In this case, the form is called form1, and hence you can get the value of the txtMake field using form1.txtMake.value. Your web service proxy has the same name as the service itself. In this case, the service is called CarService and thus so is the proxy. In many cases you may have a dot-separated hierarchy of names for your web service (that is, MathFunctions.Services.DepreciationService), in which case you would use that as the name of your proxy too. The rule of thumb you can use, if in doubt, is to look up the value of the Class= attribute in the .asmx file and use that. Now, you may notice that your getCarValue web method took only three parameters, but now you are passing five parameters. The additional ones are the callback functions that you specify upon successful completion of the service call and upon a timeout of the service call. This handles Ajax asynchrony for you completely under the hood! In this example, you implement the callback functions like this: function OnComplete(result) { alert("Car is worth: $" + result); } function OnTimeOut(result) { alert("Timeout: " + result); } The web method returns a value, and this is passed as result to both the successful and the timeout callbacks. In the case of a successful request/response, this will contain the calculated value of the car. Figure 3-16 shows the application calculating the price of a 2005 Honda Pilot at $38,000, with the client JavaScript invoking the web service and displaying the result.
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Encapsulation means that I can change the implementation of a method in the server without affecting the client, as long as I don t change the definition of the method. The CalculateFuelForTrip takes an int parameter and returns an int result. This, plus the method name, is like a contract to the client; it says, if you give me the number of miles that you want to travel as an int, I ll give you back the amount of fuel you ll need. The client isn t entitled to know how a method in a server class will perform an action or calculation only that it will. I can change the implementation of the CalculateFuelForTrip method in the Car class, and as long as I don t change the name, the parameter, or the result, the EncapsulationTest class won t have to be modified or even recompiled. This is especially important when you share your classes with others as precompiled assemblies.
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C H A P T E R 22
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SQL Data Source Control
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Listing 22-4 provides a demonstration of using some of these methods to create TimeSpan values. Listing 22-4 uses the FromXXX methods shown in Table 22-5 to create TimeSpan values from the output of Listing 22-3. Listing 22-4. Using the TimeSpan FromXXX Methods using System; class Listing 04 { static void Main(string[] args) { TimeSpan value1 = TimeSpan.FromDays(1.02083333333333d); Console.WriteLine("Timespan 1: {0}", value1); TimeSpan value2 = TimeSpan.FromHours(24.5); Console.WriteLine("Timespan 2: {0}", value2); TimeSpan value3 = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(1470); Console.WriteLine("Timespan 3: {0}", value3); TimeSpan value4 = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(88200); Console.WriteLine("Timespan 3: {0}", value4); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } Compiling and running Listing 22-4 produces the following results:
A class implementing an interface can inherit the code for an implementation from one of its base classes. For example, the following code illustrates a class inheriting implementation code from a base class. IIfc1 is an interface with a method member called PrintOut. MyBaseClass contains a method called PrintOut that matches IIfc1 s method. Class Derived has an empty declaration body, but derives from class MyBaseClass and contains IIfc1 in its base class list. Even though Derived s declaration body is empty, the code in the base class satisfies the requirement to implement the interface method. interface IIfc1 { void PrintOut(string s); } class MyBaseClass { public void PrintOut(string s) { Console.WriteLine("Calling through: } } class Derived : MyBaseClass, IIfc1 { } class Program { static void Main() { Derived d = new Derived(); d.PrintOut("object."); } } // Declare base class. // Declare the method. {0}", s);
Preventing Objects from Being Finalized During P/Invoke Calls
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