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Workflow in Previous Office Versions
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In the early days of the field, new applications were often developed using an approach sometimes referred to as the waterfall approach in which design was done up front, and then the coding came later. More recently, developers are adopting techniques sometimes described as agile techniques that mix design and coding together. The trick is to choose the right technique for a given project.
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Understanding Single- and Multi-Threaded Execution
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Figure 15-12. Data Sources window after configuring the data source
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Now it s time to develop the CustomAuthContentLoader class inheriting the INavigationContentLoader interface. public class CustomAuthContentLoader : INavigationContentLoader Implement the interface members the same way we did for the AuthLoaderAsyncResult class. As I mentioned earlier, we will use the PageResourceContentLoader object to load pages that correspond to a given URI. PageResourceContentLoader Loader = new PageResourceContentLoader(); The complete code for the BeginLoad method is as follows: public IAsyncResult BeginLoad(Uri targetUri, Uri currentUri, AsyncCallback userCallback, object asyncState) { AuthLoaderAsyncResult result = new AuthLoaderAsyncResult(currentUri, asyncState); if (targetUri.Equals(new Uri ("/Views/Home.xaml", UriKind.Relative))) { if (App.IsLoggedIn) { result.Content = new Home(); } else { result.RedirectUri = new Uri("/LoginPage", UriKind.Relative); } if (userCallback != null) { userCallback(result); }
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Perhaps the clearest indication for potential overlap between routing and WS-Addressing is the fact that WSE 2.0 continues to implement routing for the HTTP transport protocol only. I believe this was a purposeful decision to avoid implementing overlapping specifications that accomplish the same thing. In this scenario, one specification will always be more efficient than the other. You can further enhance your productivity with WS-Addressing by using classes called SoapClient and SoapService, which are higher-level classes than their counterparts SoapSender and SoapReceiver. The SoapClient and SoapService classes automatically handle much of the plumbing code that SoapSender and SoapReceiver require you to write for processing SOAP messages. I will not be discussing these higher-level classes here, because they shield details that are important to understanding how SOAP messaging actually works. In addition, these classes are very easy to understand once you are comfortable with the
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As before, the UI code remains simple: Dim cust As Customer = Customer.GetCustomer(myCriteria) The class-in-charge model requires that you write Shared factory methods in each class, but keeps the UI code simple and straightforward. It also takes full advantage of .NET s ability to pass objects across the network by value, thereby minimizing the plumbing code in each object. Overall, it provides the best solution, which will be used (and explained further) in the chapters ahead.
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Figure 3-3. ResolverOne application One of the developers on ResolverOne was Michael Foord, who is author of IronPython in Action (Manning Publications, 2009). I spoke to Michael about his experiences with working with embedding dynamic languages and IronPython.
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The DoQuery Method
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The Fetch() and Delete() methods work basically the same as Create(). The only difference is in how the MethodInfo object is retrieved. Remember that Create() gets the type of the business object passed as a parameter, while Fetch() and Delete() need to infer the type based on the criteria object. The Fetch() code looks like this: MethodInfo method = MethodCaller.GetMethod( MethodCaller.GetObjectType(criteria), "DataPortal_Fetch", criteria); This overload of GetMethod() tries to find a strongly typed DataPortal_Fetch() method with a parameter that matches the type of the criteria object. Otherwise, it finds one with a parameter of type object. The remainder of the Fetch() and Delete() methods is fundamentally identical to Create().
Overview of Classes
Figure 1-3. The five logical layers with a separate database server
This is a simple implementation that involves adding a single column to each database table you wish to protect from lost updates. This column is generally either a NUMBER or DATE/TIMESTAMP column. It is typically maintained via a row trigger on the table, which is responsible for incrementing the NUMBER column or updating the DATE/TIMESTAMP column every time a row is modified.
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