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This is a lesson learned from years of experience with DCOM and MTS/COM+. Exposing large numbers of components, classes, and methods from a server almost always results in a tightly coupled and fragile relationship between clients and the server.
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Rectangle with Movement and Rotation Animation
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myOrder.OrderID, myOrder.Customer.CompanyName); // use the navgiation properties to get the employee Employee myEmployee = myOrder.Employee; Console.WriteLine("Order created by: {0} {1}", myEmployee.FirstName, myEmployee.LastName); } // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } In Listing 30-5, I perform a LINQ query to get all the Orders whose associated Customer object has a Country value of UK. Because I used the navigation property to get the Customer object inside the LINQ query, a single query containing a join operation was sent to the database. However, when I enumerate the results, I use the Employee and Customer navigation properties to read related data. This wasn t in the original query, and it results in a new database request each time I read the related data. This causes a higher load on the database that we would like. Database queries are relatively expensive to perform, and it is good practice to perform a few as possible to do the work at hand. This is known as lazy data loading. The data we want isn t loaded from the database until the last moment, which reduces the potential for loading data that isn t used but increases the number of queries overall. We can make this much more efficient if we tell LINQ to Entities that we want some related data in advance. We do this using the Include extension method, as demonstrated in Listing 30-6. Listing 30-6. Using the Include Extension Method to Eagerly Load Data using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; NorthwindModel;
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Tip When working with strings, it is important to remember that they are reference types and that string field and variables can be null.
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ISmartField Interface
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Finding List Items
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Figure 35-11. The configured Button control
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For example, the following for loop is executed five times. In the first three iterations, it encounters the continue statement and goes directly back to the top of the loop, missing the WriteLine statement at the bottom of the loop. Execution only reaches the WriteLine statement during the last two iterations. for( int x=0; x<5; x++ ) { if( x < 3 ) continue; // Execute loop five times // The first three times // Go directly back to top of loop
After creating the seven basic pieces in the game (see Figure 5-5), I went to work on implementing the interface design for manipulating those pieces. I wanted to take advantage of the iPhone s features but not overwhelm players with token uses of those features. Since I was trying to emulate physical tangrams, I tried to re-create those movements in the code. Obviously, the most frequent thing done in tangrams is the movement of pieces, and simply tracking finger touches on a particular piece gave the perfect control.
One thing SQLLDR does not do, and that Oracle supplies no command-line tools for, is unloading data in a format understandable by SQLLDR or other programs. This would be useful for moving data from system to system without using EXP/IMP or EXPDP/IMPDP (the Data Pump replacements for EXP and IMP). Using EXP(DP)/IMP(DP) to move data from system to system works fine for moderate amounts of data as long as both systems are Oracle.
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