In 3: Sync Your iPod touch with iTunes, you learned how to connect your iPod touch to your computer and use iTunes to sync your personal information, music, videos, and more. In this chapter, we explore some alternative ways to wirelessly synchronize information to your iPod touch. The benefit of the wireless methods is that you don t need to connect your iPod touch to your computer to have the information updated. Everything happens over the air automatically. The methods we cover are Apple s Exchange / Google Sync and MobileMe Service. NOTE: If you use the Gmail account setting instead of Exchange, as we describe in this chapter, to set up your Gmail, you will be able to wirelessly sync your mail, calendar, and notes, but not your Google contacts. So if you do not need Google Contacts synced, you can use the Gmail setting instead of Exchange. Using Gmail, however, you get notes sync over IMAP and Archive instead of Delete.
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Figure 9-7. Translating a rectangle diagonally down and up <Rectangle Stroke="Black" Width="60" Height="60"/> <Rectangle Stroke="Crimson" Fill="Crimson" Width="50" Height="50"> <Rectangle.RenderTransform> <TranslateTransform X="10" Y="10"/> </Rectangle.RenderTransform> </Rectangle>
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In the KCD Holdings Global Marketing department, a common occurrence is naturally the creation of new marketing campaigns. Often, however, these campaigns are not new. Instead, they have begun as local campaigns that were successful and are now going to be adapted and introduced globally. The local marketing director in the region that originated the campaign needs to review global campaigns that originated in their region. They do not actually approve the campaign, but they are given the opportunity to offer suggestions to fine-tune the campaign based on their experience as the originating region. A task is assigned to a marketing traffic coordinator, however. This person is responsible for coordinating all of the resources necessary for a successful campaign. The task assigned to the traffic coordinator is for them to review the marketing plan document and approve of schedules, etc. To facilitate this process, each workflow is constructed to notify the appropriate regional marketing director via email and assign a task to the traffic coordinator. The initiation form will present the workflow originator with an interface that will allow them to specify the email address for the appropriate regional marketing director and the traffic coordinator.
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Why guess when you can know And because I want to know exactly where all my response time is going, I find using extended SQL trace invaluable. Just remember that in order to manage SQL performance well, you want to know, not just guess.
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created earlier, named ApplicationResourceDict.
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The PropertyInfoManager is a Module that is responsible for managing all the properties that have been registered for each business object type using the RegisterProperty() method. This type is found in the Csla.Core.FieldManager namespace. Each time RegisterProperty() is called, it is associating an IPropertyInfo object with a specific business object type. For each business object type, PropertyInfoManager maintains a list of IPropertyInfo objects that describe the properties registered for that type. This means that it also has a list of all the business object types, which is maintained in a Dictionary, as you can see in the PropertyInfoManager code: Private _propertyInfoCache As Dictionary(Of Type, List(Of IPropertyInfo)) This Dictionary is indexed by a Type object, representing the type of each business object with registered properties. The value is a List of IPropertyInfo objects, each containing metadata about a property registered to that type. The hard part about this module is that its methods need to be thread-safe. In many cases, it will be used in a multithreaded environment, such as in ASP.NET, so access to this Dictionary and to each individual List object must be wrapped with locking code. The PropertyInfoCache property does this for the Dictionary itself: Private _cacheLock As New Object() Private ReadOnly Property PropertyInfoCache() As _ Dictionary(Of Type, List(Of IPropertyInfo))
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abstract class AbClass { ... } abstract class MyAbClass : AbClass { ... }
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Installing the Software
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By default, .NET objects are local. This means that ordinary .NET objects aren t accessible from outside the process in which they were created. Without taking extra steps in your code, it isn t possible to pass objects to another process or another machine (a procedure known as marshaling), either by value or by reference.
Figure 3-15. Actual product sales per month
The configuration is controlled by the application s configuration file. In the Visual Studio project, this is named App.config.
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Searches the object tree, both up and down relative to the current FrameworkElement, for the object with the specified name (x:Name in XAML). Returns null if the object is not found. Retrieves the BindingExpression for a dependency property where a binding is established. When overridden in a derived class, it is invoked whenever application code or internal processes (such as a rebuilding layout pass) call the ApplyTemplate method. Binds a specified dependency property to a System.Windows.Data. Binding instance.
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