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TypeReader (Deserializer) Texture2D Object XNA Game Project
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Since the Geometry-based classes can t be shown directly, they must be shown using the Path class. Let s draw a line using the LineGeometry class in XAML: <Path Stroke="Red" StrokeThickness="5"> <Path.Data> <LineGeometry StartPoint="10,10" EndPoint="20,20"/> </Path.Data> </Path>
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Nesting try Statements
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// You need this namespace.
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A similar problem exists when building web services. Business objects should not be returned directly as a result of a web service, as that would break encapsulation. In such a case, your business object interface would become part of the web service interface, preventing you from ever adding or changing properties on the object without running the risk of breaking any clients of the web service. Instead, data should be copied from the business object into a DTO, which is then returned to the web service client. Conversely, data from the client often comes into the web service in the form of a DTO. These DTOs are often created based on WSDL or an XSD defining the contract for the data being passed over the web service. The end result is that the code in a web service has to map property values from business objects to and from DTOs. That code often looks like this: cust.FirstName = dto.FirstName; cust.LastName = dto.LastName; cust.City = dto.City; Again, this isn t hard code to write, but it s tedious and could add up to many lines of code. The DataMapper class uses reflection to help automate these data mapping operations, from either a collection implementing IDictionary or an object with public properties. In both cases, it is possible or even likely that some properties can t be mapped. Business objects often have read-only properties, and obviously it isn t possible to set those values. Yet the IDictionary or DTO may have a value for that property. It is up to the business developer to deal on a case-by-case basis with properties that can t be automatically mapped. The DataMapper class will accept a list of property names to be ignored. Properties matching those names simply won t be mapped during the process. Additionally, DataMapper will accept a Boolean flag that can be used to suppress exceptions during the mapping process. This can be used simply to ignore any failures.
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The DBWR I/O slaves appear with the name I1nn, and the LGWR I/O slaves appear with the name I2nn.
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A(); // // // // // Call Call Call Call Call IA::f through interface handle. A::f through object handle. IA::f. A::f. IA::f.
The Factory pattern2 is used to instantiate a type. The simplest of factories is one that has a single method and instantiates a single type. Such a factory doesn t solve all problems in all contexts, and therefore different instantiating strategies have to be employed. All of these strategies are creational patterns that operate similarly to the factory. Specifically, in this section we ll explore why you want to use helper types, as well as how to create plug-ins, how to implement objects according to a plan, and when to clone objects.
Performance and Scalability
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> exec dbms_output.put_line( (dbms_utility.get_cpu_time-:n) || " cpu hsecs..." ); 170 cpu hsecs... PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. it is in fact much faster, but still much slower than it could be. Not only that, but you should notice that the code is getting more and more complex. From the sheer simplicity of a single UPDATE statement, to procedural code, to even more complex procedural code we are going in the wrong direction! Furthermore (yes, there is more to complain about), the preceding procedural code is not done yet. It doesn t deal with what happens when we fail (not if we but rather when we). What happens if this code gets halfway done and then the system fails How do you restart the procedural code with a commit You d have to add yet more code so you knew where to pick up and continue processing. With the single UPDATE statement, we just reissue the UPDATE. We know that it will entirely succeed or entirely fail; there will not be partial work to worry about. We visit this point more in the section Restartable Processes Require Complex Logic. Now, just to supply a counterpoint to this discussion, recall in 7 Concurrency and Multiversioning when we discussed the concept of write consistency and how an UPDATE statement, for example, could be made to restart. In the event that the preceding UPDATE statement was to be performed against a subset of the rows (it had a WHERE clause, and other users were modifying the columns this UPDATE was using in the WHERE clause), then there would be a case either for using a series of smaller transactions rather than one large transaction or for locking the table prior to performing the mass update. The goal here would be to reduce the opportunity for restarts to occur. If we were to UPDATE the vast majority of the rows in the table, that would lead us toward using the LOCK TABLE command. In my experience, however, these sorts of large mass updates or mass deletes (the only statement types really that would be subject to the restart) are done in isolation. That large, onetime bulk update or the purge of old data generally is not done during a period of high activity. Indeed, the purge of data should not be affected by this at all, since you would typically use some date field to locate the information to purge, and other applications would not modify this data.
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