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VertexPosition[] vertices = new VertexPosition[36]; int i = 0; //face in front vertices[i++] = vertices[i++] = vertices[i++] = of the camera new VertexPosition(forwardBottomLeft); new VertexPosition(forwardUpperLeft); new VertexPosition(forwardUpperRight);
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Figure 9-9. The ASPX People Editor In each case, you get the same functionality, though the UI is slightly different. Each control allows you to browse or search for users and to validate the users entered. This validation can occur against any of the following: SharePoint users and groups Active Directory (or other LDAP server) users and groups Local machine users and groups Figure 9-10 shows the lookup interface for ASPX pages. The InfoPath rendition is similar.
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Gets or sets the foreground color for the console Resets the foreground and background colors Sets the title for the console window Gets or sets the height of the console window on the screen Gets or sets the left position of the console window on the screen Gets or sets the top position of the console window on the screen Gets or sets the width of the console window on the screen
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Copy Local Property
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<Serializable()> _ Protected Class Criteria Inherits CriteriaBase Public Sub New(ByVal collectionType As Type) MyBase.New(collectionType) End Sub End Class The Csla.DataPortal.Fetch() method requires a criteria object as a parameter. At a minimum, that criteria object must provide the data portal with the type of the business object to be created. Normally, the type can be determined by looking at the class within which the criteria class is nested, because that is the business class itself. But in this case, the criteria class is nested inside the base class rather than the business class itself, so that technique won t work. The data portal would end up trying to instantiate an instance of NameValueListBase rather than the actual business class. This problem can be avoided because the Criteria class is a subclass of Csla.CriteriaBase. Remember that in 4 the data portal was designed to use CriteriaBase to find the specific type of business object to be created. The Criteria class has a constructor that requires the business developer to provide the type of the name/value list object to be created. In the following PaymentTerms example, the factory method uses this constructor when creating the Criteria object: Public Shared Function GetList() As PaymentTerms Return DataPortal.Fetch(Of PaymentTerms)( _ New Criteria(GetType(PaymentTerms))) End Function This ensures that the data portal knows that it is a PaymentTerms object that is to be created. This Criteria class works for the common case in which the entire set of name/value data is to be retrieved.
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The ViewModel Class
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Object Persistence and Object-Relational Mapping
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Using public fields is poor programming practice because it makes it difficult to maintain the Product class. Imagine that we decide to record stock based on the number of boxes we receive, rather than
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Sounds like a win-win, doesn t it I proceeded to e-mail, call, e-mail, and call until I got the address or number of a decision maker for each of these companies. Shortly thereafter, three events changed the course of my initial application idea: was very interested in our proposal and wanted to get started right away. was not interested. I discovered why a few months later when they released Surf Report in partnership with Oakley talk about brand recognition. My programming partner had a day job, and right about the time we were getting started, he landed a nice promotion. While I was happy for him, it meant that he would have to pull out of our side project.
<connectionStrings> </connectionStrings> </configuration> The CslaDataPortalProxy element specifies that the data portal should use the Web Services channel, and the CslaDataPortalUrl element specifies the URL of the server. You ll need to replace localhost with the name of your server, and WebServicesHost with the name of your virtual root. Also remember that XML is case sensitive, so double-check to make sure you enter the text exactly as shown here. At this point, you should understand how to set up an application server to use Web Services, and how to configure a client to use that server.
Figure 1-14. A business object composed of state, implementation, and interface
There are different object-oriented systems with different definitions of an object. Early object-oriented systems like Smalltalk consider everything to be an object. In such a world, all local variables refer to objects on the heap, like tracking handles in C++/CLI. In contrast to Smalltalk, .NET does not have a purely object-oriented type system. The CLI differentiates between objects and values. Objects can be defined as instances created on .NET s managed heap. As discussed previously, objects always have an 8-byte object header, and they are always accessed in a referenced way. On the one hand, the object header is required by many runtime services. Garbage collection is the most obvious one. Virtual method dispatching is another straightforward service based on the object header. But there are other services, too, which will be discussed in later chapters. On the other hand, an explicit allocation operation per object, plus the 8-byte object header, plus at least 4 bytes for a tracking handle to the object, plus the costs of accessing the object s state indirectly is an overhead that you will not want for every instance. Consider an instance that is supposed to simply act as an iterator variable of a loop: // intAsAValue.cpp // compile with "cl /clr intAsAValue.cpp" int main() { for (int i = 0; i < 10; ++i) System::Console::WriteLine(i); } If the CTS supported only objects on the GC heap and variables referring to these objects, the index variable would have to be instantiated on the GC heap and every access would be done with an extra level of indirection. The following code shows the overhead: // intAsAnObject.cpp // compile with "cl /clr intAsAnObject.cpp" int main() { for (int^ i = gcnew int(0); *i < 10; ++(*i)) System::Console::WriteLine(*i); } This code compiles and executes as expected, but the runtime provides many more services for the variable i than actually needed. For example, there is no need to decouple i s
At this point, you should have an understanding of how the website is organized. It references ProjectTracker.Library and uses a master page and theme to provide a consistent, manageable appearance for the site. It also uses a mix of ASP.NET login controls and the prebuilt ProjectTracker security objects to implement custom authentication. Now let s move on and discuss the pages that provide actual business behaviors.
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