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Model Mesh Information ---------------------- ID : 0 Name: Sword_newShape Bone: Sword_newShape (4) - ID : 1 Name: backpack_newShape Bone: backpack_newShape (6) - ID : 2 Name: Body1Shape Bone: Body1Shape (8) - ID : 3 Name: Armor_newShape Bone: Armor_newShape (10) - ID : 4 Name: Face_gear_newShape Bone: Face_gear_newShape (12) - ID : 5 Name: Head_newShape Bone: Head_newShape (14) At the bottom, you see the dwarf model has six ModelMeshes, parts of the Model that you can render separately (see recipe 4-1). Each of them links to its own Bone. You see you can move the sword and backpack separately, but unfortunately it is impossible to move an arm or a leg of the dwarf, because they aren t provided as separate ModelMeshes. Bad luck this Model doesn t allow basic animation. Let s take a look at the structure of anther model, for example, the tank model found on the XNA Creators Club site: Model Bone Information ---------------------- Name : tank_geo Index: 0 - Name : r_engine_geo Index: 1 - Name : r_back_wheel_geo Index: 2 - Name : r_steer_geo Index: 3 - Name : r_front_wheel_geo Index: 4 - Name : l_engine_geo Index: 5 - Name : l_back_wheel_geo Index: 6 - Name : l_steer_geo Index: 7 - Name : l_front_wheel_geo Index: 8
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If you wanted to use Windows integrated security, you wouldn t need Login.aspx, the custom membership provider, or the code in Global.asax, because the user s identity is already known. The user provided his Windows credentials to the browser, which in turn provided them to the web server. This means that the virtual root in IIS must be configured to disallow anonymous users, thus forcing the user to provide credentials to access the site. It is IIS that authenticates the user and allows authenticated users into the site. To have ASP.NET use the Windows identity from IIS, web.config must be configured correctly: <authentication mode="Windows"/> <identity impersonate="true"/> The authentication mode is set to Windows, indicating that ASP.NET should defer all authenti.NET to impersonate the cation to the IIS host. Setting the impersonate property to true tells ASP user authenticated by IIS.
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Why use a deque Deques are useful data structures for recursive problems, like searching through a maze or parsing source. As you move along a path, you save good spots, adding more data along the way while you think the path is good. If the path turns bad, you pop off the bad bits, returning to the last good spot. Here, you would be adding and removing from the same end, like a stack. Once you find your way through, you start back at the beginning to reveal the solution, which starts at the other end. In lieu of creating a program that finds its way through a maze of twisty passages, all alike, Listing 2-6 demonstrates the use of Deque or more specifically, LinkedBlockingDeque with its capacity limits. It is certainly not the best use of a deque, but it demonstrates the API and what happens when you hit the capacity limit. If all you are doing is adding to one end and removing from the other, you should consider using a Queue implementation in the collections framework instead. The program here takes the 23 names for months (both short and long) and adds them to a six-element blocking deque, one at a time, to the head. In another thread, elements are removed from the head and tail of the deque, based on the number of elements currently in the collection.
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StrengthIndicatorType TargetControlID TextCssClass TextStrengthDescriptions TextStrengthDescriptionStyles
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You now need to tell WDS what type of class your service will expose. Amend the code to the following: public class MovieService : DataService<Models.BookEntities> { // This method is called only once to initialize service-wide policies. public static void InitializeService(DataServiceConfiguration config) { config.SetEntitySetAccessRule("*", EntitySetRights.AllRead); config.DataServiceBehavior.MaxProtocolVersion = DataServiceProtocolVersion.V2; } }
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OnFragmentNavigation OnNavigatedFrom OnNavigatedTo OnNavigatingFrom
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class Listing 01 { static void Main(string[] args) { // create an EventLog object for the Application log EventLog appLog = new EventLog("Application"); // use the Cast extension method to create a LING-suitable data source IEnumerable<EventLogEntry> logEntries = appLog.Entries.Cast<EventLogEntry>(); // perform a LINQ query on the log entries IEnumerable<EventLogEntry> results = from e in logEntries where e.EntryType == EventLogEntryType.Warning select e; // enumerate the first few events foreach (EventLogEntry entry in results.Take(3)) { Console.WriteLine("Event Source: {0}", entry.Source); Console.WriteLine("Message: {0}", entry.Message); Console.WriteLine("---------------"); } // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } Windows has three default logs: Application, System, and Security. I have opened the Application log in Listing 36-1, which is a kind of catchall for application-related items. The Entries property returns an EventLogEntryCollection object, which contains an EventLogEntry object for each entry in the event log.
The Thread Class
If you re planning to frequently update your vertex data, you should use a DynamicVertexBuffer instead of a normal VertexBuffer. This will cause the data not to be stored in the fastest video RAM, but in some memory that is more easily accessible. Therefore, this will result in slightly
<FlashManager>Kuehner.SPOT.Emulator.PersistentFlashManager, PersistentFlashManagerComponent</FlashManager> This functionality can be added with the help of your custom emulator component for the emulation of the persistent flash memory simply to any emulator.
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