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Once a client joins the multicast group, he can begin receiving data packets from a single group member using this method. It invokes the specified callback once the data packet has arrived from the single sender. Once you join the multicast group and send a multicast packet to the receiver client from the specified source at least once, the receiver can begin an operation to send unicast data packets back to the sender. The destination address and UDP port are defined as remoteEndPoint parameters. You should not define the UDP port less than 1024. Using this method, you can leave the multicast group and release all resources used by the current instance of the UdpSingleSourceMulticastClient class and the underlying Socket. Completes the asynchronous join group operation to a multicast group. Completes an asynchronous operation of receiving a multicast packet from a specific source of the joined multicast group and provides access to the received information. Completes an asynchronous operation to send a unicast packet to a specified single source.
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Figure 6-5. The Atlas server controls
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The C# unary operators are so-called because they work on a single numeric value. The set of unary operators is described in Table 5-12. Table 5-12. C# Unary Operators
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There s no setting you can change to prevent this from happening. However, because no records are in this date range, the groups before and after the date range won t normally appear in the pivot table. The only place you can see these groups is in the filter list. If you change the field setting for the date field, to show items with no data, these items would be listed with the other dates. In this situation, you can uncheck these groups in the date field s filter list to prevent them from appearing in the pivot table.
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Merge Dictionary Support
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Stored In
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Result of DateToString()
GROUPS do not pertain to ASSM tablespaces at all; only MSSM tablespaces use
5. To change the Selected state, click the Selected state in the State panel. 6. Notice that the ListBoxItem s background becomes blue (see Figure 11-12).
By way of example, the following are all composite activities that ship with WF: Parallel ConditionedActivityGroup Replicator IfElse Details on these and other default activities are provided later in this chapter. For now, it is important just to know that each of these activities is designed to control how their child activities are processed. Building composite activities will not be as common a task as building simple ones. This is merely because there are not as many different needs or options for controlling workflow processing as there are for performing actual tasks. Building a composite activity is also a fundamentally different process than writing a simple one. The bulk of this chapter will focus on simple activities. We ll circle back around at the end of the chapter and cover the creation of a sample composite activity.
Use LINQ to put data into the DataServiceContext object, and use a C# class as a data container object to hold the values to be updated. Add the C# object back to the same DataServiceContext object for update by calling the AttachTo() method and use the same object to perform update actions. Call the method SaveChanges() using the instance of DataServiceContext class to send the update request to the server.
Figure 5-35. Your artboard should now look what I have here. It s time to actually create our Animation Storyboards! Let s do that now:
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