Create and use an object from a class. Derive a class from a base type.
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When you turn your iPod touch on, you ll notice the four icons locked to the Bottom Dock: Music, FaceTime, Mail, and Safari. It is possible that your icons may be different, but you can easily change them. Suppose you decide you want to change one or more of these for apps you use more often. Fortunately, moving icons to and from the Bottom Dock is easy.
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I think the Backplate looks pretty good at this stage, so I think you should add the MediaElement.
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The AutomationProperties class provides several useful attached properties you can use to provide cues for the automation system while leaving the rest of your object s properties intact. These attached properties are shown in Table 16-7. When developing an application, you can use the AutomationId property to uniquely identify elements throughout your application specifically for use by automation clients. Table 16-7. Attached Properties in AutomationProperties
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big_table%ORA11GR2> select count(status) from big_table; COUNT(STATUS) ------------10000000 big_table%ORA11GR2> host ps -aef | grep "^ora11gr2.*ora_p00._ora11gr2" ora11gr2 20397 1 1 11:17 00:00:00 ora_p000_ora11gr2 ora11gr2 20399 1 1 11:17 00:00:00 ora_p001_ora11gr2 ora11gr2 20401 1 1 11:17 00:00:00 ora_p002_ora11gr2 ora11gr2 20403 1 1 11:17 00:00:00 ora_p003_ora11gr2 ora11gr2 20405 1 1 11:17 00:00:00 ora_p004_ora11gr2 ora11gr2 20407 1 2 11:17 00:00:00 ora_p005_ora11gr2 ora11gr2 20409 1 1 11:17 00:00:00 ora_p006_ora11gr2 ora11gr2 20411 1 1 11:17 00:00:00 ora_p007_ora11gr2 As you can see, there are now eight parallel execution servers that have been started by Oracle. If we are curious enough to want to watch parallel query, we can easily do so using two sessions. In the session we will run the parallel query in, we ll start by determining our SID: big_table@ORA11GR2> select sid from v$mystat where rownum = 1; SID ---------701 In another session, we get this query ready to run (but don t run it yet, just type it in!): ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> select sid, qcsid, server#, degree 2 from v$px_session 3 where qcsid = 701 Now, going back to the original session that we queried the SID from (the big_table@ORA11GR2 session), we ll start the parallel query. In the session with the query setup, we can run it now and see output similar to this: 4 /
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Microsoft has aimed to address these issues and also to integrate WCF and WF closer than ever before.
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C H A P T E R 15
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CHAPTER 2: T yping Tips, Copy/Paste, and Search
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If rule IsNot Nothing Then result = rule.Description() End If End If Return result End Get End Property The Error property returns a text value describing the validation errors for the object as a whole. The indexer returns a text value describing any validation error for a specific property. In this implementation, only the first validation error in the list is returned. In either case, if there are no errors, an empty string value is returned telling data binding that there are no broken rules to report.
Output Ports
In ILAsm, as in Visual Basic and C#, all members, attributes, and nested classes of a class are declared within the lexical scope of that class. However, ILAsm allows you to reopen a onceclosed class scope and define additional items: .class public X extends Y implements IX,IY { ... } ... // Later in the source, possibly in another source file... .class X { ... // More items defined } This reopening of the class scope is known as class augmentation. A class can be augmented any number of times throughout the source code, and the augmenting segments can reside in different source files. The following simple safety rules govern class augmentation: The class must be fully defined within the module in other words, you cannot augment a class that is defined somewhere else. (Wouldn t that be nice Good-bye, security fare thee well!) Class flags, the extends clause, and the implements clause must be fully defined at the lexically first opening of class scope, because these attributes are ignored in augmenting segments.
The code in Listing 5-5 shows how you can trigger to both edges. The interrupt handler routine is assigned over the delegate (reference to a method) OnInterrupt. The custom interrupt handler port_OnInterrupt is then executed as soon as the state of the GPIO port changes. Listing 5-5. Triggering Both Edges using using using using System; System.Threading; Microsoft.SPOT; Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware;
CHAPTER 5: Starting with a Game Design Document: A Methodology for Success
Figure 5-10 illustrates the following about the values of the actual and formal parameters at various stages in the execution of the method: Before the method call, the three actual parameters are already on the stack. By the beginning of the method, the three actual parameters have been used to initialize an array in the heap, and the reference to the array has been assigned to formal parameter inVals. Inside the method, the code first checks to make sure that the array reference is not null, and then processes the array by multiplying each element in the array by 10, and storing it back. After method execution, the formal parameter, inVals, is out of scope.
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