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Figure 16-17. Make the Homepage Button navigate to the Homepage Screen.
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This is exactly what you want to do for your light direction: you want to transform it from world space to tangent space: Output.LightDirT = mul(tangentToWorld, xLightDirection); You calculate the light direction, expressed in tangent space, and send it to your pixel shader. Since the normal you sample from your bump map and your light direction are both in the same space, you can immediately calculate their dot product in your pixel shader: float3 bumpColor = tex2D(BumpMapSampler, PSIn.TexCoord*xTexStretch); float3 normalT = (bumpColor - 0.5f)*2.0f; float lightFactor = dot(-normalize(normalT), normalize(PSIn.LightDirT));
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exclusive DDL lock placed against it. In this example, table T prevents other sessions from performing DDL and acquiring TM locks (used to modify the contents of the table). Now, many ALTER commands can be performed online without preventing modifications.
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Cross-Platform Frameworks
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Delegates and functors have overlapping functionality, since a functor is the STL/CLR equivalent of a delegate. When using STL/CLR algorithms, you need to use functors because the algorithms do not understand delegates. When working with .NET Framework APIs, you can use the managed template delegates to create a delegate based on a method type when the method is a templated method. If the method is not a templated method, you can just use a normal .NET Framework delegate type. To allow conversion between functors and delegates, functors provide a generic delegate type that can be used to represent the functor as a delegate, as in Listing 12-27. Listing 12-27. Using Functor Generic Delegate Types // stlclr_functor_delegate_generic.cpp #include <cliext\functional> using namespace cliext; using namespace System; int main() { less<int> func; // delegate_type is a Microsoft::VisualC::StlClr::BinaryDelegate generic less<int>::delegate_type^ dlg = func; int a = 100; int b = 200; // Call the functor Console::WriteLine("{0} < {1} {2}", a, b, func(a, b)); // Call the generic delegate Console::WriteLine("{0} < {1} {2}", a, b, dlg(a, b)); } The output is as follows: 100 < 200 True 100 < 200 True
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public Employee(string name, string company) {
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public Class getColumnClass(int column) { Class returnValue; if ((column >= 0) && (column < getColumnCount())) { returnValue = getValueAt(0, column).getClass(); } else { returnValue = Object.class; } return returnValue; } }; final JTable table = new JTable(model); final TableRowSorter<TableModel> sorter = new TableRowSorter<TableModel>(model); table.setRowSorter(sorter); JScrollPane pane = new JScrollPane(table); frame.add(pane, BorderLayout.CENTER); JPanel panel = new JPanel(new BorderLayout()); JLabel label = new JLabel("Filter"); panel.add(label, BorderLayout.WEST); final JTextField filterText = new JTextField("T"); panel.add(filterText, BorderLayout.CENTER); frame.add(panel, BorderLayout.NORTH); JButton button = new JButton("Filter"); button.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { String text = filterText.getText(); if (text.length() == 0) { sorter.setRowFilter(null); } else { sorter.setRowFilter(RowFilter.regexFilter(text)); } } }); frame.add(button, BorderLayout.SOUTH); frame.setSize(300, 250); frame.setVisible(true); } }; EventQueue.invokeLater(runner); } }
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child classes that are marked Indexable. Any code written the old way because it specified not only what but how would not be able to take advantage of that optimization without recoding. The latter example, by contrast, requires no updates when you decide to use indexes with your collection. I ll discuss indexes more in the next section.
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addCSSClass(String className)
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