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Figure 3-5. VBIfElseStateMachine workflow The final step is to add the parameter code to the Module1.vb file so the user can interact with the console application and enter a value. Use the same code that was used for the Sequential workflow. Sub Main within Module1.vb will look like the following code:
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This problem can be split up into four parts: 1. First, you want to find the positions of the lowest vertices of the four wheels of your Model. 2. Second, you want the height of the terrain exactly underneath these four points. 3. Next, you need to find the rotation along the Forward and Side vectors of the Model to tilt the Model correctly. 4. Finally, you should find the height difference between the model and the terrain and compensate for this difference. Instead of hacking your way in the runtime program to solve the first step, you should code a small custom Model processor that stores the position of the lowest vector for each ModelMesh of the Model in the Tag properties of the ModelMeshes. Because these lowest points of the four wheels will be moved while the game is running, each update you ll need to transform these positions with the current World positions of these vectors. To find the exact height at a certain location on a triangle-based surface, you can use the GetExactHeightAt method created in recipe 5-9.
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You can also query EF objects with the ObjectQuery class. Let s take a look at this now. 1. Add the following using directive to Program.cs: using System.Data.Objects; 2. Replace the LINQ query with the following line of code (Note that it refers to the current entity, which in this case is Order): ObjectQuery<Order> query = ctx.Orders.OrderBy("it.OrderID");
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Adopting a Performance Mindset
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Once you set up MobileMe from your computer and then set up access from your iPod touch, all your personal information (contacts, calendar, even bookmarks) will be shared wirelessly between your computer and your iPod touch. In addition to the wireless sync of personal information, MobileMe lets you do the following: Create a web-based photo gallery that you can access and add to from your iPod touch. Create an iDisk that allows you to share documents easily between your iPod touch and your computer. You can also use it to share files that are too large to email. Some email systems block files larger than about 5MB. Find your lost iPod touch using the Find My iPod touch feature. Erase all of the personal data on your lost iPod touch remotely using the Remote Wipe feature. If you have multiple Macs in your home or home and business, MobileMe also allows you to sync docks, settings, passwords, and other information between your Macs, and use Back to my Mac remote desktop to retrieve files or share screens. NOTE: As of publishing time, after your 60-day free trial, Apple charges $99/year for individual MobileMe service and $149/year for a family plan. Check with the MobileMe web site ( to find out the latest information.
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