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Dates are a perennial development problem. Of course, there s the DateTime data type, which provides powerful support for manipulating dates, but it has no concept of an empty date. The trouble is that many applications allow the user to leave date fields empty, so you need to deal with the concept of an empty date within the application. On top of this, date formatting is problematic rather, formatting an ordinary date value is easy, but again you re faced with the special case whereby an empty date must be represented by an empty string value for display purposes. In fact, for the purposes of data binding, we often want any date properties on the objects to be of type String so that the user has full access to the various data formats as well as the ability to enter a blank date into the field. Dates are also a challenge when it comes to the database: the date data types in the database don t understand the concept of an empty date any more than .NET does. To resolve this, date columns in a database typically do allow null values, so a null can indicate an empty date.
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Table 8-11. PopupControl Extender Properties Property Name
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Provides public and polymorphic access to the n-level undo functionality; for use by UI developers and other framework authors Allows UndoableBase to polymorphically interact with objects that support the undo functionality; not for use by code outside CSLA .NET Allows a business developer to specify that a field should be ignored by n-level undo Implements most undo functionality Is thrown when an undo-related exception occurs
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Single-tier configurations are good for stand-alone environments, but they don t scale well. To support multiple users, it is common to use 2-tier configurations. I ve seen 2-tier configurations support more than 350 concurrent users against SQL Server with very acceptable performance.
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Maximum bandwidth Power consumption (battery life) Maximum distance Hardware costs Footprint of protocol stack Industry standard Frequency Maximum number of network nodes Spreading
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Figure 6-6. Your Toolbox tab containing Atlas server controls
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Figure 7-7 illustrates this process. Remember that this diagram is connected with the previous diagram showing the update of a root object. The events depicted in this diagram occur as a result of the root object s DataPortal_Insert() or DataPortal_Update() being called, as shown earlier in Figure 7-6.
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NOTE In order to use the wsdl.exe and xsd.exe command-line tools from any directory location on your computer, you will probably need to set an environment variable that points to the directory location of the utilities. On my computer I created a user environment variable called PATH with a value of c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\SDK\v1.1\ BIN. Alternatively, if you are using Visual Studio .NET, then from the Programs menu group you can select Visual Studio .NET Tools Visual Studio .NET Command Prompt.
Once you know the relative value, you re ready to find the corresponding Y value:
Figure 10-1. The high-level Indigo architecture (adapted from MSDN Magazine, January 2004)
Using Atlas Client Controls for an Enhanced UI
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