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The member access modifiers in a class s declaration specify which other types can and cannot access which members of the class. For example, the following declaration shows members declared with the five access levels. public class MyClass { public private protected internal protected internal ...
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specialized class file. The business assembly provides a standard middle-tier component that can be referenced and invoked by a wide variety of consumers, not just Web services. Creating the business assembly requires three steps: 1. Create a new Class Library project in Visual Studio 2005 called StockTraderBusiness, and add to it a single class file also called StockTraderBusiness. 2. Set a reference to the StockTraderTypes assembly. For now you can create all projects in the same solution, and then set a reference to the StockTraderTypes project (from the Projects tab in the Add Reference dialog box). 3. Import the StockTraderTypes namespace into the StockTraderBusiness class file and implement the IStockTrader class. Implement code for each of the interface operations. You will get compiler errors if you attempt to build the solution without implementing all of the operations. Listing 4-3 displays the pseudocode listing for the StockTraderBusiness business assembly. Listing 4-3. Pseudocode Listing for the StockTraderBusiness Business Assembly using System; using StockTraderTypes; namespace StockTraderBusiness { public class StockTraderBusiness : StockTraderTypes.IStockTrader { public Quote RequestQuote(string Symbol) { // Implementation code not shown } public Trade PlaceTrade(string Account, string Symbol, int Shares, System.Double Price, TradeType tradeType) { // Implementation code not shown } public Trade RequestTradeDetails(string Account, string TradeID) { // Implementation code not shown } public Trades RequestAllTradesSummary(string Account) { // Implementation code not shown } } }
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Listing 12-16. Defining a Simple Struct public struct Product { public int CasesInStock; public int ItemsPerCase; public Product(int cases, int itemspc) { CasesInStock = cases; ItemsPerCase = itemspc; } } Defining a simple struct is similar to defining a class. Figure 12-7 illustrates the struct defined in Listing 12-16.
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The sample in Listing 5-16 shows how to address a device with the 10-bit address 129 (in binary, 1000000001), send the byte 0xAA to the device, and then read 4 bytes. For 10-bit addressing, an additional write transaction, as already described, is needed. Listing 5-16. 10-Bit Addressing using System; using Microsoft.SPOT; using Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware; namespace I2C10BitAddressSample { public class Class1 { public static void Main() { //our 10 bit address //binary 1000000001 = 129 const ushort address10Bit = 0x1001; //reserved address mask 011110XX for 10 bit addressing const byte addressMask = 0x78; //first MSB part of address //is 7A and contains the two MSB of the 10 bit address ushort address1 = addressMask | (address10Bit >> 8); I2CDevice.Configuration config = new I2CDevice.Configuration(address1, 100);
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In this statement, the literal is assigned to a local byte variable. All literals that contain a decimal point are inferred to be double types. You can express exponential numbers using the E symbol, as follows:
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MarkDeleted Method
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Note To connect via shared server, your database instance would have to have been started with the necessary
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Development Kit
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The final functionality required is support for data access. As with all business objects, the data portal will be used to invoke an appropriate DataPortal_XYZ method. Since this base class only supports read-only lists, only the DataPortal_Fetch() method is marked as Protected: Protected Overridable Sub DataPortal_Fetch(ByVal criteria As Object) Throw New NotSupportedException(My.Resources.FetchNotSupportedException) End Sub This is comparable to the functionality added to BusinessBase or ReadOnlyBase in 4. The business developer must override or overload this method to implement the data access code that loads the name/value data from the database. As with the other CSLA .NET base classes, the DataPortal_OnDataPortalInvoke(), DataPortal_ OnDataPortalInvokeComplete(), and DataPortal_OnDataPortalException() methods are also declared as Protected and Overridable. The primary difference from the base class code added in 4 is that NameValueListBase also includes a Protected criteria class:
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At its core, the server-side data portal components provide an implementation of the message router design pattern. The server-side data portal accepts requests from the client and routes those requests to an appropriate handler in this case, a business object.
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The Popup class provides two events: Opened and Closed. These events fire when the pop-up is opened or closed via setting of the IsOpen property. Figure 3-24 shows a button and the pop-up that opens when the button is clicked.
[ContentProcessor] public class MaterialCustomEffectProcessor : MaterialProcessor { public override MaterialContent Process(MaterialContent input, ContentProcessorContext context) { EffectMaterialContent myMaterial = new EffectMaterialContent(); string map = Path.GetDirectoryName(input.Identity.SourceFilename); string effectFile = Path.Combine(map, "colorchannels.fx"); myMaterial.Effect = new ExternalReference<EffectContent>(effectFile); if (input.Textures != null) foreach (string key in input.Textures.Keys) myMaterial.Textures.Add("xTexture", input.Textures[key]); myMaterial.OpaqueData.Add("xRedIntensity", 1.1f); myMaterial.OpaqueData.Add("xGreenIntensity", 0.8f); myMaterial.OpaqueData.Add("xBlueIntensity", 0.8f); return context.Convert<MaterialContent, MaterialContent>(myMaterial, "MaterialProcessor"); } } } Next, import your Model into your XNA project, select your custom Model processor to process it, and load it into a variable: protected override void LoadContent() { device = graphics.GraphicsDevice; basicEffect = new BasicEffect(device, null); cCross = new CoordCross(device); myModel = Content.Load<Model>("tank"); modelTransforms = new Matrix[myModel.Bones.Count]; } When this executes, the Model will have your custom effect loaded. This allows you to immediately set the parameters of the effect before rendering: protected override void Draw(GameTime gameTime) { device.Clear(ClearOptions.Target | ClearOptions.DepthBuffer, Color.CornflowerBlue, 1, 0); cCross.Draw(fpsCam.ViewMatrix, fpsCam.ProjectionMatrix);
I quickly realized that a background like this would distract from the data, and data was the focus of my applications. After trying tons of different backgrounds, I finally settled on one with a subtle grainy texture (see Figure 1-18). Even then, I used Photoshop to tone down the texture a bit.
Debugging Emulators
The following sections describe how to create custom WPF user interface elements tailored to your particular needs by extending the built-in elements or writing an element from scratch.
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