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Taking a quick glance at Figure 5-2, it s obvious that the various references between the individual types are numerous and therefore are creating brittle code. The objective is to clean up the references.
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The definition assembly provides two important sets of information: Class definitions for all custom types that are exchanged in the system Interface definitions for each operation that the system supports In this sense it is not unlike the auto-generated interface definition file from the last chapter. Recall that the type information in this file (StockTraderStub.cs) is auto-generated from an XSD schema file using the xsd.exe tool. The operations are manually inserted as abstract class methods that must be overridden by whatever class implements this file. There are two differences between the definition assembly and the previous interface definition file: The operations are documented as interfaces rather than abstract class methods. This is because a given class can only derive from one other class at a time. Web service classes, for example, must derive either directly or indirectly from the System.Web.Services.WebService class. The Web service class cannot implement an additional interface unless it is provided as an invariant interface.
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WPF developers will be relieved that the Silverlight 4 parser now allows you to apply direct content to XAML controls. As an example, you can set the Button content as follows, which is very WPF-like: <Button>I am a Button</Button> If you use Silverlight 3, you have to use the Content attribute of the Button, as follows: <Button Content="I am a Button"/>
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The Tahoe development kit includes a development board (see Figure 2-4) featuring a Meridian CPU and on-board LCD display. All available peripherals including SPI, I C, and UART ports, are exposed. It is available for approximately $300.
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The Request-Response Approach
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Given the ListItem class and the sorting capabilities of the .NET Framework, the DoSort() method is not hard to implement: Private Sub DoSort() Dim index As Integer mSortIndex.Clear() If mSortBy Is Nothing Then For Each obj As T In mList mSortIndex.Add(New ListItem(obj, index)) index += 1 Next Else For Each obj As T In mList mSortIndex.Add(New ListItem(mSortBy.GetValue(obj), index)) index += 1 Next End If mSortIndex.Sort() mSorted = True OnListChanged(New ListChangedEventArgs(ListChangedType.Reset, 0)) End Sub If mSortBy is Nothing (which is quite possible, as it is optional), then each child object is sorted as is. In other words, it is the value of the child object itself that determines the sort order, rather than any specific property on the child object. In this case, DoSort() loops through every item in the original collection, creating a ListItem object for which the key value is the child object itself and the index is the location of the child object within the original collection: For Each obj As T In mList mSortIndex.Add(New ListItem(obj, index)) index += 1 Next
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A parent object is valid only if it is in a valid state and if all of its child objects are in a valid state. Likewise, a parent object is dirty if its own data has been changed or if any of its child objects or collections have been changed. To handle this properly, the IsValid and IsDirty methods must be overridden to provide a slightly more sophisticated implementation of each: Public Overrides ReadOnly Property IsValid() As Boolean Get Return MyBase.IsValid AndAlso mResources.IsValid End Get End Property Public Overrides ReadOnly Property IsDirty() As Boolean Get Return MyBase.IsDirty OrElse mResources.IsDirty End Get End Property In the case of IsValid, the Project object is checked to see if it is invalid. If it is, then the result is False and there s no need to check the child collection. Otherwise, the child collection s IsValid property is checked, which triggers a check of all the child objects it contains. If any child object is invalid, then the result is False. IsDirty is similar. In this case, the Project object is checked, and if it has been changed, then the result is True. But if the Project itself hasn t been changed, then the child collection object s IsDirty property is checked, triggering a check of all child objects it contains. If any child object has been changed, then the result is True.
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A variable must be declared before it can be used. The variable declaration defines the variable, and accomplishes two things: It gives the variable a name. It allows the compiler to allocate memory for it. A simple variable declaration requires at least a type and a name. The following declaration defines a variable named var2, of type int: Type int var2; Name For example, Figure 3-11 represents the declaration of four variables and their places on the stack.
The last step is to tell the ScriptManager to download your custom JavaScript file by adding the following HTML inside the <ScriptManager> element:
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