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Figure 16-7. Main UI Spy Tool window
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HTTP Caching
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AssemblyRefProcessor; RID Type: 36; Token Type: None; Unused
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For the next chapter, there are the changes besides Console in the package. You ll see what s new for along with the latest additions to the and packages. From checking file system space to handling cookies and beyond, the latest Mustang feature sets are coming your way.
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You have two fields in the Values area of your pivot table, and each field is listed in a separate column (see the table at the left in Figure 5-14), with headings shown horizontally, in the Column Labels area. The report is getting too wide, and you would prefer the values be listed vertically, in one column. This problem is based on the Stores.xlsx sample workbook.
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// Invoke the method.
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The language implicitly supplies a parameterless constructor for every struct. This constructor sets each of the struct s members to the default value for that type. Value members are set to their default values. Reference members are set to null. The predefined parameterless constructor exists for every struct and you cannot delete or redefine it. You can, however, create additional constructors, as long as they have parameters. Notice that this is different from classes. For classes, the compiler will only supply an implicit parameterless constructor if no other constructors are declared. To call a constructor, including the implicit parameterless constructor, use the new operator. Notice that the new operator is used even though the memory is not allocated from the heap. For example, the following code declares a simple struct with a constructor that takes two int parameters. Main creates two instances of the struct one using the implicit parameterless constructor, and the second with the declared two-parameter constructor. struct Simple { public int X; public int Y; public Simple(int a, int b) { X = a; Y = b; } } class Program { static void Main() { Call implicit constructor Simple s1 = new Simple(); Simple s2 = new Simple(5, 10); Call constructor Console.WriteLine("{0},{1}", s1.X, s1.Y); Console.WriteLine("{0},{1}", s2.X, s2.Y); } } // Constructor with parameters
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DUMP DUMP ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------Typ=12 Len=7: 120,110,4,12,20,4,8 Typ=180 Len=11: 120,110,4,12,20,4,8 ,6,147,81,176 Now the TIMESTAMP consumes 11 bytes of storage, and the extra 4 bytes at the end contain the fractional seconds, which we can see by looking at the time that was stored: ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> alter session set nls_date_format = "dd-mon-yyyy hh24:mi:ss"; Session altered. ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> select * from t; DT TS -------------------- -------------------------------12-apr-2010 19:03:07 12-APR-10 PM ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> select dump(ts,16) dump from t; DUMP -------------------------------------------------Typ=180 Len=11: 78,6e,4,c,14,4,8,6,93,51,b0 ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> select to_number("069351b0", "xxxxxxxx" ) from dual 2 / TO_NUMBER("069351B0","XXXXXXXX") -------------------------------110318000 We can see the fractional seconds that were stored are there in the last 4 bytes. We used the DUMP function to inspect the data in HEX this time (base 16) so we could easily convert the 4 bytes into the decimal representation.
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