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Figure 11-22. Overlaying elements using the Panel class
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class Employee : Person { } class Person { public string Name; public int Age; // Convert a Person object to an int. public static implicit operator int(Person p) { return p.Age; } } class Program { static void Main( ) { Employee bill = new Employee(); bill.Name = "William"; bill.Age = 25; Convert an Employee to a float. float fVar = bill; Console.WriteLine("Person Info: {0}, {1}", bill.Name, fVar); } }
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Although culling offers a huge benefit when rendering objects consisting of solid surfaces, sometimes you ll want to turn culling off. For example, if you create a building of which a rectangular wall is composed of only two triangles, this wall would look nice from the outside. However, when the camera enters the building, the wall would be culled away, and you would be able to see right through it! To solve this, you could define two extra triangles for the wall with the opposite winding order, so either way you look at it, two triangles are drawn and two triangles are culled away. An easier approach is to turn off culling by using this line: device.RenderState.CullMode = CullMode.None; Don t forget to turn culling back on after the code that renders the walls, though.
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Interfaces can specify properties, obliging a class that implements the interface to provide implementations for one or both accessors. Properties are described in 8. Listing 12-4 contains an interface that specifies a property. Listing 12-4. Specifying a Property in an Interface public interface IBasicCalculator { int CalculationsPerformedCounter { get; set; } int CalculateSum(int x, int y); int CalculateProduct(int x, int y); } The property specification in the interface is shown in bold and illustrated by Figure 12-3.
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public: explicit BigIntExplicit(int i) : m_i(i) { } explicit operator int() { return m_i; } explicit static operator BigIntExplicit(int i) { return BigIntExplicit(i); } void takeBigIntExplicit(BigIntExplicit b) {} };
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The change from Listing 24-11 is shown in bold. There is no change in the way that the cancellation request is handled; this is just a convenience method that allows you to reduce code clutter.
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Class, and call it Error.cs.
Resources; StrongNameSignature;
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