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Fault Tolerance
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Notice the e.Error parameter to the message box. Reason is a property of the WorkflowSuspendedEventsArgs class, and can be used to provide a reason for the workflow being suspended. This sub displays to the user the reason the workflow was suspended. However, first the workflow runtime must know that this sub is going to handle the WorkflowSuspended event. To do this, add the following code within the Main sub after the other AddHandler statement: AddHandler workflowRuntime.WorkflowSuspended, AddressOf OnWorkflowSuspended This line of code tells the WorkflowRuntime class that there s a Handler called OnWorkflowSuspended, which should be executed when the WorkflowSuspended event of the WorkflowRuntime class is raised. The resulting Sub Main is as follows: Shared Sub Main() Dim workflowRuntime As New WorkflowRuntime() AddHandler workflowRuntime.WorkflowCompleted, AddressOf OnWorkflowCompleted AddHandler workflowRuntime.WorkflowTerminated, AddressOf OnWorkflowTerminated AddHandler workflowRuntime.WorkflowSuspended, AddressOf OnWorkflowSuspended Dim workflowInstance As WorkflowInstance workflowInstance = workflowRuntime.CreateWorkflow(GetType(Workflow1)) workflowInstance.Start() WaitHandle.WaitOne() End Sub Now that the Handler is in place, start debugging the workflow again. Again, you ll see the workflow move through the Delay1 activity, to the IfElse activity, and finally to the Suspend activity. The message box then appears but has no contents. This is because the Error property of the WorkflowSuspendedEventsArgs class must be set. To set this property, you have to provide a value to the Error property of the Suspend activity. Stop the debugging and return to the code of the workflow. Within the Sub New, add the following line: SuspendError.Error = "counter>1" This line sets the Error property of the SuspendError activity and lets the user know the reason the workflow is suspended is that counter is greater than 1. The resulting Sub New is as follows: Public Sub New() MyBase.New() InitializeComponent() SuspendError.Error = "counter>1" End Sub Debug the workflow again and see that counter>1 appears in the message box. The user is then told why the workflow has been suspended, but what can the user do about it Right-click the WorkflowInstance in Module1.vb and choose Go To Definition to open the Object Browser. Notice this class has a method called Resume, as well as methods called Suspend and Terminate, which both accept parameters. The Resume method of the WorkflowInstance class restarts a suspended workflow. This takes a little bit of work to accomplish. Go back to the Module1 code and the OnWorkflowSuspended sub. Add Dim wfinstance As WorkflowInstance to create a variable called wfinstance that s an instance of the
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Let s discuss each class in a bit more detail.
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Logical and Physical Architecture
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we would see the following output: Person constructor called Employee constructor called If a base class has overloaded constructors, you can specify which one is called through the parameters you pass to the base keyword. If you want to call the default constructor, you can either use the base keyword with no parameters or omit it entirely, which means this constructor: public Employee(string name, string company) : base() { is equivalent to this one:
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Another Generic Delegate Example
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Instance Class Members
Disabling Writing to the Depth Buffer
Figure 2-2. Characters allowed in identifiers Identifiers are case sensitive. For instance, the variable names myVar and MyVar are different identifiers. It is generally a bad idea, however, to have identifiers that differ only in the case of some of the letters. As an example, in the following code snippet, the variable declarations are all valid and declare different integer variables. But using such similar names will make coding more errorprone and debugging more difficult. Those debugging your code at some later time will not be pleased. // Valid syntactically, but don't do this! int totalCycleCount; int TotalCycleCount; int TotalcycleCount;
If you use worksheet protection to disable the pivot table, many other features of the worksheet are Tip
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