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So now go ahead and open Apple.cs and do the same thing. Once you have done that, you need a property for Color for both Apple and Orange. But wait, didn t I say that if they have anything in common, it should be part of the superclass Yes, I did. So if you create a MyColor property in Fruit, then both Apple and Orange will automatically inherit it. But what if the children want to make their color property something impossible, like turquoise (As far as I know, there is no such fruit with this color.) You could implement something called an enum (an enumerable list) of allowed colors. Then the children would only be able to select from that select group of colors. Let s implement this now:
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Removing a Resource
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Using Control Templates
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class Class1 { static void Main() { MyClass MyT = new MyClass(); int SomeInt = 6; Console.WriteLine ("Newsflash: Sum: {0} and {1} is {2}", 5, SomeInt, MyT.Sum( 5, SomeInt )); Console.WriteLine Actual parameters ("Newsflash: Avg: {0} and {1} is {2}", 5, SomeInt, MyT.Avg( 5, SomeInt )); Actual parameters
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Ahem, don t say I didn t warn you.
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Figure 3-21. Finding Side and Up vectors for spherical billboarding Now that you know the Side vector, you can also find the Up vector of the billboard: it is the vector that is perpendicular to the Side vector and the Eye vector. I ve colored the plane of the Side and Eye vectors in the right part of Figure 3-21, so you can again try to visualize this. This means that the Up vector of the billboard is nothing more than the cross product of the Eye and Side vectors: float3 upVector = cross(sideVector,eyeVector); upVector = normalize(upVector); This is all that needs to be changed when going from cylindrical to spherical billboarding! Just make sure you ve defined the xCamUp variable . . . float3 xCamUp;
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The class PropertyKeeper is a generic holder class that acts as a control. Even though PropertyKeeper has nothing to do with a GUI element, using .NET Generics it doesn t matter, as TranslationServices uses the type as black boxes. So even though the generic parameters ControlType are labeled as control elements, they don t need to be. The class NUnitAdapter implements the IControlAdapter interface and manipulates the properties of the PropertyKeeper that is instantiated by the NUnit test. The NUnit test code is implemented as follows: [TestFixture] public class TestBusinessLogic { [Test] public void TestTranslation() { PropertyKeeper src = new PropertyKeeper(); PropertyKeeper dest = new PropertyKeeper(); src.Value = "Good Morning"; Abstractions.TranslationServices<NUnitAdapter> srvc = new Abstractions.TranslationServices<NUnitAdapter>(); srvc.DoTranslation(src, dest); Assert.AreEqual("Guten Morgen", dest.Value); } } Compare the NUnit test method TestTranslation to the code in the method TranslationTextBox.OnTextChanged. The methods are nearly identical in implementation terms, where the exceptions are the types PropertyKeeper and System.Windows.Forms.TextBox. This is good, because it means the tests can reflect closely how the GUI calls the application logic. And that means the overall application can be tested effectively.
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This section will cover how to create your first workflow within VB. First we ll look at the Sequential workflow, followed by the State Machine workflow. For each workflow type, I ll walk you through how to add activities to a workflow and how to write code for activities within the workflow.
Figure 7-2. Direct inheritance from object Other important facts about class derivation are the following: A class declaration can have only a single class listed in its class-base specification. This is called single inheritance. Although a class can directly inherit from only a single base class, there is no limit to the level of derivation. That is, the class listed as the base class might be derived from another class, which is derived from another class, and so forth, until you eventually reach object. Base class and derived class are relative terms. All classes are derived classes, either from object or from another class so generally when we call a class a derived class, we mean that it is immediately derived from some class other than object. Figure 7-3 shows a simple class hierarchy. After this, I will not show object in the figures, since all classes are ultimately derived from it.
SQL Azure
Tracking Reference
private delegate bool ReportInputCallback(InputReport inputReport); // This class maps GPIOs to Buttons processable by // Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation public GPIOButtonInputProvider(PresentationSource source) { // Set the input source. this.source = source; // Register our object as an input source with the input manager // and get back an InputProviderSite object which forwards the // input report to the input manager, // which then places the input in the staging area. site = InputManager.CurrentInputManager.RegisterInputProvider(this); // Create a delegate that refers to the InputProviderSite // object's ReportInput method callback = new ReportInputCallback(site.ReportInput); Dispatcher = Dispatcher.CurrentDispatcher;
1. Select a cell in the formatted Excel Table, and on the Ribbon, click the Design tab. 2. At the left end of the Ribbon, in the Properties group, type a one-word name, such as SalesData, in the Table Name box (see Figure 1-3).
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