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SGA_TARGET did not exist and the parameter SGA_MAX_SIZE was a limit, not a dynamic target.
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_queueStorage.GetQueue(PAYLOAD_DELETE_QUEUE_NAME); deleteQueue.CreateQueue(); deleteQueue.MessageReceived += new MessageReceivedEventHandler(_OnDeleteBlobMessageReceive); deleteQueue.PollInterval = POLLING_INTERVAL; deleteQueue.StartReceiving(); _initialized = true; } catch (Exception ex) { LogError( string.Format( "--- {0}:_Initialization, exception caught : {1}", this.ToString(), ex.Message ) ); } _initialized = true; } } private void _CreateBlob(Message message) { lock (_syncObj) { string logMessage = string.Format( "---{0}:_OnMessageReceive, message = <{1}>", this.ToString(), message.ContentAsString() ); System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine(logMessage); Log(logMessage); string blobName = string.Format("{0}{1}", message.Id, PAYLOAD_BLOB_SUFFIX); if (!_blobContainer.DoesBlobExist(blobName)) { // Compose a unique blob name BlobProperties properties = new BlobProperties(blobName); // Create metadata to be associated with the blob NameValueCollection metadata = new NameValueCollection(); metadata["MediaID"] = message.Id; properties.Metadata = metadata; properties.ContentType = "text/xml";
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <Emulator> <Types> <GpioPort>Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Gpio.GpioPort</GpioPort> </Types> <EmulatorComponents> <GpioPort id="Pin_Left"> <Pin>0</Pin> <ModesExpected>InputOutputPort</ModesExpected> <ModesAllowed>InputOutputPort</ModesAllowed> </GpioPort> </EmulatorComponents> </Emulator> this is also possible: < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <Emulator> <EmulatorComponents> < Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Gpio.GpioPort id="Pin_Left"> <Pin>0</Pin> <ModesExpected>InputOutputPort</ModesExpected> <ModesAllowed>InputOutputPort</ModesAllowed> </Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Gpio.GpioPort> </EmulatorComponents> </Emulator> Since the second example does not work for your custom components, only for components from the Micosoft.SPOT.Emulator.dll assembly, always declaring the types in the Types section is recommended.
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Of course, you shouldn t use println() with localized names. For example, had the locale been Italian, you would have lost data, seeing
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The $addHandlers shortcut (Sys.UI.DomEvent.addHandlers) can be used to wire up more than one event handler to a particular event; in which case, you can have multiple event handlers that will be executed when the target event has been triggered. To dynamically remove an event handler from an event on a control, use the Sys.UI.DomEvent.removeHandler (or $removeHandler) with the identical signature as the addHandler method (the target control, the event name, and the event handler). To remove the repositionPanel method as the event handler of Button1, you would have the following script:
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The WSE 2.0 online documentation provides clear examples of how to write the XML for standard policy assertions such as the one shown in Listing 7-4. WSE 2.0 does not provide much support for auto-generating WS-Policy related XML markup. WSE s Configuration Editor provides minimal auto-generation support for policy framework files. WSE also ships with a simple security settings wizard, but you can use any XML editor that you are comfortable with. Your main asset in generating your own policy framework files will be to copy the XML from existing files, and customizing it to suit your needs.
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Optional Step 3A: Generate the WSDL Document Manually
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The GetProject() factory method retrieves an existing Project object, which is populated with data from the database. This method accepts the primary key value for the data as a parameter and passes it to DataPortal.Fetch() through a new Criteria object. The Criteria object will be discussed later. The data portal ultimately creates a new Project object and calls its DataPortal_Fetch() method to do the actual data access. The Criteria object is passed through this process, so the DataPortal_Fetch() method will have access to the Guid key value.
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Nothing is done here that could not be done by raw JavaScript alone. But using the ASP.NET AJAX Client Library is not only a lot cleaner with much less code, but it also provides a level of abstraction that guarantees expected behavior in all of the popular browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari).
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panel and let it go.
One of the popular demonstrations at the Mix09 conference was Silverlight and Microsoft Bing Map integration with spinning capabilities for the Map object. Let s implement something similar in IronRuby. To implement this feature, you first need to define the Grid with two columns using ColumnDefinitions. <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <ColumnDefinition Width="200"/> <ColumnDefinition Width="1100"/> </Grid.ColumnDefinitions> Next add three buttons named Rotate Map, Pause, and Stop and Reset, along with title text in the XAML file within the Border. All of this is in the first column on the Grid, as shown here. <StackPanel Grid.Column="0" Orientation="Vertical"> <Border CornerRadius="20" Margin="0,50,0,5" Width="150" Background="DarkBlue" HorizontalAlignment="Center"> <StackPanel Orientation="Vertical"> <TextBlock Text="3D Rotation" HorizontalAlignment="Center" FontSize="12" Foreground="White" Margin="0,5,0,10"/> <Button x:Name="rotate_map" Height="25" Content="Rotate Map" Width="100" Margin="0,0,0,10" Foreground="Black" VerticalAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Center" />
The .NET Micro Framework 1.0 on Sumo robots (see Figure 1-2), which included a Sumo robot emulator, was presented at the 2006 Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference (MEDC); the conference also featured a Sumo robot contest. In February 2007, the .NET Micro Framework 2.0, with a customizable emulator, was released. Some development boards (see Figure 1-3) and devices (see Figure 1-4) were available, and others followed in 2007. You will learn more about the available development boards and hardware platforms in the next chapter. In 2007, Microsoft presented Windows SideShow, which is based on the .NET Micro Framework, and hardware manufacturers started shipping Windows SideShow-capable devices (see Figure 1-5). Later in 2007, Service Pack 1 for the .NET Micro Framework 2.0 was released. In February 2008, Microsoft released the .NET Micro Framework 2.5.
Listing 6-2. The game.h File
First, the obvious: the iPhone rocks. Less obviously, so does the iPod touch no phone, no cellular network (and the associated monthly fee), just a wonderful game-playing, application-downloading, insanely great Cocoa touch machine. Consumers love them both for their stability, ever-present network access, ineffable coolness, and (as we developers know firsthand) all of those great third-party apps. Apple s App Store rocks, too, and as the owners of these devices have made it clear, games rock the most! The Wall Street Journal reported data from Mobclix showing that over a quarter of the applications in Apple s App Store are games (see http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/ 2009/03/23/no-recession-for-iphone-game-apps/). Venture capitalists are getting in on the action as well, financing game developer Ngmoco to the tune of $10 million. There has even been a conference devoted to gaming on the iPhone (see http://www.igsummit.com/). Think of this book as a guide and companion through your personal journey of game development for the iPhone and iPod touch. And like any good travel guide, it s full of tips, highlights, and invaluable suggestions for avoiding the costly and time-consuming mistakes of the early explorers who have gone before you. But the life of the game developer is not all fun and, well, games, so there s more. After all, games development requires knowledge of the same basic coding and language skills as any form of app development. So we ve loaded the book with code you can reuse as building blocks for your own apps. Even those developers who don t have game development as their highest priority will find a lot of solid information here for use in their applications.
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