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execution plans, although the no-correlation effect for combined predicates, and the limitations (and bugs) in the subquery algorithms do appear rather often. When I m feeling pessimistic, I sometimes think that the only reason the optimizer gets the right plan is because the overestimate of cost due to the clustering_factor has been cancelled by the underestimate on cardinality due to the other two effects.
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That s it. Run the code up, click a name, and see that the individual s details are retrieved. Note the line Sys.bind(detail, "data", master, "selectedData") that links the master and detail DataViews together.
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: error C3149: 'System::String' : top-level '^' : error C3149: 'cli::array<Type>' : top-level '^'
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CHAPTER 5: Wi-Fi Connectivity
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Variable Initializers
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// Remove the event handlers. events->Start -= gcnew EventProcessor(events, &Events::OnStart); events->Exit -= gcnew EventProcessor(events, &Events::OnExit); } The output of Listing 7-18 is shown here: Adding Start event handler. Adding Exit event handler. Firing Start event. Starting: Start event occurred! Doing something. Firing Exit event. Exiting: Exit event occurred. Removing Start event handler. Removing Exit event handler. The expressions for creating the delegates (the gcnew expressions in the main method) remain the same, but the arguments for the custom delegate are used throughout instead of the System::EventHandler arguments. However, the EventHandler class is quite general and, since it includes an EventArgs parameter that is flexible enough for most uses, it is common to use these classes provided by the framework.
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This forces any subclass of BusinessBase to implement a GetIdValue() method that returns a unique value identifying the business object. This value can then be used to implement the three System.Object method overrides: public override bool Equals(object obj) { if (obj is T) { object id = GetIdValue(); if (id == null) throw new ArgumentException(Resources.GetIdValueCantBeNull); return ((T)obj).GetIdValue().Equals(id); } else return false; } public override int GetHashCode() { object id = GetIdValue(); if (id == null) throw new ArgumentException(Resources.GetIdValueCantBeNull); return id.GetHashCode(); } public override string ToString() { object id = GetIdValue(); if (id == null) throw new ArgumentException(Resources.GetIdValueCantBeNull); return id.ToString(); } In each case, the result of GetIdValue() is checked to see if it is null. If so, an exception is thrown, since these implementations require a non-null value. The GetHashCode() and ToString() implementations are very simple, as they just use the object s ID value to generate a hash code or a string value, respectively. The Equals() method is a bit more interesting. It compares the business object to see if it is equal to the object passed as a parameter. The first thing it does is check the type of the parameter to see if that object is the same type as the business object: if (obj is T) Notice the use of the generic type, T, to represent the type of the business object. If the types are different, then obviously the objects can t be equal to each other. If the types are the same, then the obj parameter is casted to type T (the type of the business object), and its ID value is retrieved by calling its GetIdValue() method. This clearly demonstrates why T is constrained to types that inherit from BusinessBase<T>. Without that constraint on the generic type, there would be no guarantee that the obj parameter would implement GetIdValue(). If the two ID values match, then the objects are considered to be equal. You should remember that these are merely default implementations of the three methods. If a business object needs a different implementation, it is perfectly acceptable to override one or all of these methods in a business class and ignore these implementations.
2. Click the TextBlock control from the toolbar and draw a TextBlock that is about double the
Previous versions of ASP.NET used a Table tag to wrap the following controls: ChangePassword FormView Login PasswordRecovery
Table 3-1. The SoapDocumentMethod Serialization Attribute and Selected Properties
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