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Insert Data Matrix in c sharp WRITING SIMPLE .NET APPLICATIONS

Note A common confusion about Parse is that, since it operates on a string, it is often thought of as a
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Content can be added either declaratively or programmatically. If you wanted to create the previous example programmatically, you could do so in MainPage.xaml.cs in the constructor as follows: TextBlock TextBlock = new TextBlock(); TextBlock.Text = "Hi yo Silver"; LayoutRoot.Children.Add(TextBlock); Note that the TextBlock control is added as a child element to the LayoutRoot control. Elements in a XAML page are maintained in a hierarchy like HTML s document object model (DOM). The Children property is similar to ASP.NET s Controls property. This hierarchy allows you to do some strange things such as nesting text boxes inside buttons that wouldn t be possible with Windows forms. I can t wait to see some of the appalling uses this feature will no doubt be used for. Let s create an example to demonstrate this now: <Button Width="200" Height="100"> <TextBox Width="150" Height="20"></TextBox> </Button>
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Starting from a VertexBuffer and an IndexBuffer
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The first component to be initialized within the XML is the panel. You set it up like this: <control targetElement="panel" cssClass="normal"> <bindings> <binding id="setCss" dataContext="colorSelect" dataPath="selectedValue" property="cssClass" /> </bindings> </control> The <control> tag defines a client-side control. It contains a targetElement property that is analogous to the constructor parameter of the JavaScript version. In other words, you should set up this attribute to point to the physical HTML control that this script should reference. In this case, the <div> element you will be manipulating is called panel (see its ID property in the HTML), and therefore this <control> tag will reference that. Its cssClass will be initialized to normal, which sets it up with a yellow background and dotted border. This class resides in the CSS file associated with this page. If you read the previous section, about how to manipulate this page using JavaScript, you have seen this CSS class. A child of the <control> tag is the <bindings> tag. Note the plural any control may have multiple bindings, each of which is specified using a <binding> child tag of the bindings. This example has only a single binding, but you ll see examples of multiple bindings shortly, when the text box is initialized. It is important to understand how to set up the binding. First, you give the binding an identity so it can be referenced from elsewhere. In this case, you give the binding the ID of setCss. Remember this, because you will be referring to it later. You also give the binding a dataContext. This is a reference to the source control to which this binding is bound. Next, you set up the dataPath this is the property on the target control to which you are binding. Finally, you declare the property on this control to which you are binding the other control s data path, and this is cssClass. So, in this case, you want to bind the local property cssClass to the selectedValue property of the colorSelect control. You are giving this binding the identity setCss.
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public: // Nonvirtual GetEnumerator method for efficiency; the virtual // methods call the nonvirtual method. For each uses the // nonvirtual method. IEnumerator^ GetEnumerator() { return (IEnumerator^) gcnew CardEnumerator(this); } // nested enumerator class ref class CardEnumerator : IEnumerator { int current; Cards^ cards; public: CardEnumerator(Cards^ cards_in) { // Snapshot the collection by calling the copy constructor. cards = gcnew Cards(*cards_in); // The enumerator should always start *before* the first element, so // in a zero-based collection that is -1, but here it is 0. current = 0; } private: // implements the IEnumerator Current property virtual property Object^ _Current { // Use explicit interface implementation syntax on the get // method, not the property. The compiler requires a private // virtual method to be marked "sealed". Object^ get() sealed = System::Collections::IEnumerator::Current::get { return Current; } } public: // nonvirtual Current property for maximum efficiency property Card Current { Card get() {
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Changing DOM Element Values from Silverlight
T-SQL is an unmanaged language that lacks the eloquence and clarity of C# code. Stored procedure support for exception handling is also limited (these limitations can be overcome with SQL Server 2005, which enables you to write stored procedures using C#, see the last section of 11). You also lose the ability to dynamically compose a transaction, as whatever work is being done in the stored procedure becomes the work done in the transaction. Any attempt to overcome this will invariably result in more business logic in your database layer. You can do transactions on a single connection with ADO.NET transactions. This overcomes some of the problems using T-SQL transactions, as it moves the transaction management logic into your C# code, where structured error handling and the other niceties of managed code execution can be leveraged. It s also easier to dynamically compose transactions by calling an arbitrary set of stored procedures determined by business logic (although this still requires some design consideration and coding and is not as easy as the attribute-based system available in COM+). Here s a simple procedure doing some database work in a transaction. (See XActionIE.aspx in the Web12 project.) public static void SingleDBUpdate(Hashtable ht) { using (SqlConnection cnn = new SqlConnection(WebStatic.ConnectionString)) { string sql; cnn.Open(); SqlTransaction tx = cnn.BeginTransaction(); try
In the previous version of the StockTrader Web service, the definition information for the Web method implementations came from a dedicated IDC file, which provided abstract class definitions and class-based type definitions. But now this file is no longer needed because you have a dedicated definition assembly. The new Web service simply needs to import the definition assembly to have access to the required types and to the required interface.
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