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Note Since this class does not contain any behavioral methods, you can choose to use a struct instead of
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Multiplayer Networking Options
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When the form is loaded, it populates its display with a list of projects: Private Sub ProjectSelect_Load( _ ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles MyBase.Load DisplayList(ProjectList.GetProjectList) End Sub Private Sub DisplayList(ByVal list As ProjectList) Dim sortedList As New Csla.SortedBindingList(Of ProjectInfo)(list) sortedList.ApplySort("Name", ListSortDirection.Ascending) Me.ProjectListBindingSource.DataSource = sortedList End Sub
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before modifying your production system from LONG to LOB types.
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s Note This snapshot will include some fields put into the BusinessBase class to keep track of the object s status (such as whether it s new, dirty, deleted, etc.). The snapshot will also include the collection of broken rules that will be implemented later. An undo operation will restore the object to its previous state in every way.
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Error Message
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4. Click and hold down the Grid tool on the toolbar until the other layout element options become
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Being Deceived by the Simulator
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A fair number of business rules are of the toggle variety: required fields, fields that must be a certain length (no longer than, no shorter than), fields that must be greater than or less than other
The default implementation for Save() is good it checks to ensure that the object is valid and dirty before saving. But it isn t sufficient in all cases, especially when there s authorization logic to be applied. Checking authorization on the client is ideal because it means that no attempt to save the object occurs if the user isn t authorized. Keep in mind, however, that Save() is called for adding, updating, and deleting the object. The authorization checks must take that into account: Public Overrides Function Save() As Project If IsDeleted AndAlso Not CanDeleteObject() Then Throw New System.Security.SecurityException( _ "User not authorized to remove a project") ElseIf IsNew AndAlso Not CanAddObject() Then Throw New System.Security.SecurityException( _ "User not authorized to add a project") ElseIf Not CanEditObject() Then Throw New System.Security.SecurityException( _ "User not authorized to update a project") End If Return MyBase.Save End Function There are three different security checks here based on the state of the object. If the object is marked for deletion, CanDeleteObject() is checked. If the object is new, then CanAddObject() is checked, and otherwise, CanEditObject() is checked. As with the checks in the factory methods, this authorization code shouldn t ever throw an exception, because the UI should have prevented the user from getting this far. But bugs occur, so these checks are very important. And in 11, you ll see how these checks are directly leveraged when implementing a web service interface. In the end, if the user is allowed to do the delete, add, or update operation, then MyBase.Save() is called to do the actual work.
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