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Why does this work, apparently magically, with arrays The reason is that an array can produce, upon request, an object called an enumerator. The enumerator can return the elements of the array, one by one, in order, as they are requested. The enumerator knows the order of the items, and keeps track of where it is in the sequence. It then returns the current item when it is requested. For types that have enumerators, there must be a way of retrieving them. The standard way of retrieving an object s enumerator in .NET is to call the object s GetEnumerator method. Types that implement a GetEnumerator method are called enumerable types, or just enumerables. Arrays are enumerables. Figure 20-1 illustrates the relationship between enumerables and enumerators.
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Instantiating a Type
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Source Code and Updates
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An interface is a reference type that specifies a set of function members but does not implement them. Other types classes or structs can implement interfaces. To get a feeling for interfaces, I ll start by showing one that is already defined. The BCL declares an interface called IComparable, the declaration of which is shown in the following code. Notice that the interface body contains the declaration of a single method, CompareTo, which takes a single parameter of type object. Although the method has a name, parameters, and a return type, there is no implementation. Instead, the implementation is replaced by a semicolon. Keyword Interface name public interface IComparable { int CompareTo( object obj ); } Semicolon in place of method implementation Figure 17-1 illustrates interface IComparable. The CompareTo method is shown in gray to illustrate that it doesn t contain an implementation.
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<AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Method)> _ Public NotInheritable Class TransactionalAttribute Inherits Attribute Private mType As TransactionalTypes Public Sub New() mType = TransactionalTypes.EnterpriseServices End Sub Public Sub New(ByVal transactionType As TransactionalTypes) mType = transactionType End Sub Public ReadOnly Property TransactionType() As TransactionalTypes Get Return mType End Get End Property End Class The <AttributeUsage()> attribute restricts this new attribute so it can only be applied to methods. The parameterless constructor defaults to using TransactionalTypes.EnterpriseServices. This is done for backward compatibility with earlier versions of CSLA .NET, in which the only option was to use Enterprise Services. In most cases, it will be preferable to use the newer TransactionScope option to trigger the use of System.Transactions.
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You want to change the default timing intervals at which the Update and Draw methods are called.
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s Note Inevitably, the result will be a compromise. As with many architectural decisions, there are good arguments to be made for each option. In your environment, you may find that a different decision would work better. Keep in mind, though, that this particular decision is fairly central to the overall architecture of the framework, so choosing another option will likely result in dramatic changes throughout the framework.
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Figure 26-4. The disabled DEBUG symbol You can use this feature to include and exclude statements depending on your build configuration by using the #if DEBUG directive.
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Silverlight supports IronRuby (Ruby for .NET) and IronPython (Python for .NET) dynamic languages. Let us get a quick overview of these dynamic languages.
Once a set of rule methods have been associated with the properties of a business object, there needs to be a way to invoke those rules. Typically, when a single property is changed on a business object, only the rules for that property need to be checked. At other times, the rules for all the object s properties need to be checked. This is true when an object is first created, for instance, since multiple properties of the object could start out with invalid values. To cover these two cases, ValidationRules implements two CheckRules() methods. The first checks the rules for a specific property: public void CheckRules(string propertyName) { List<RuleMethod> list; // get the list of rules to check if (RulesList.ContainsKey(propertyName)) { list = RulesList[propertyName]; if (list == null) return; // now check the rules foreach (RuleMethod rule in list) { if (rule.Invoke()) BrokenRulesList.Remove(rule); else BrokenRulesList.Add(rule); } } } This method checks to see if the RulesList (the dictionary) contains an entry for the specified property. If so, it retrieves the list of RuleMethod objects and loops through them, asking each one to invoke its underlying rule method. If a rule returns true, then BrokenRulesList.Remove() is called to ensure that the rule isn t listed as a broken rule. If the rule returns false, then BrokenRulesList.Add() is called to ensure that the
Now that you have learned how to create and configure list boxes and derive custom list box items for general or special purposes, like highlighting selected items or special text items, you are able to create list boxes with complex content using all you learned about user interface elements in the previous sections. To create multiple columns in a list box item, you should add a horizontal stack panel and populate it with different elements, such as text and images. You can set margins for the elements to separate them and use different alignments for each column. The sample in Listing 11-33 builds a rather complex list box (shown in Figure 11-45). The first two items are simple text items followed by a separator. For the simple text items, we do not use the HighlightableTextListBoxItem; instead, we create the text manually to have full layout control, like setting a margin. We could also modify HighlightableTextListBoxItem to accept a Text element object. After the simple text items and one text item with icon, the list contains items with multiple columns using a vertical stack panel. The first column is rightaligned text, then an icon followed by left-aligned text. The next two items present a multiline text using a text flow element.
The .NET Framework predefines a number of attributes that are understood and interpreted by the compiler and the CLR. Table 24-2 lists some of these. The table uses the short names, without the Attribute suffix. For example, the full name of CLSCompliant is CLSCompliantAttribute. Table 24-2. Important Attributes Defined in .NET
Figure 19-10. Generic methods can be declared in generic and nongeneric types.
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