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The Structure of an Assembly
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// Error: test expression must be a bool, not int
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if (connection->Open() == true) { Console::WriteLine("Opened connection for id {0}.", id); } } public: static PlantData^ GetPlantData(int id) { return gcnew PlantData(id); } void Use() { Console::WriteLine("Using id {0}.", id); // Query database. // Update records, etc. } ~PlantData() { connection->Close(); Console::WriteLine("Closing connection for id {0}.", id); } }; // Using stack semantics: destructor called. void f_stack(int i) { auto_handle<PlantData> data = PlantData::GetPlantData(i); data->Use(); } int main() { f_stack(1); } The output verifies that the destructor is called when the auto_handle goes out of scope: Opened connection for id 1. Using id 1. Closing connection for id 1. So far in this chapter, you ve seen reference types and value types, and the many different ways of referring to objects in code. You ve learned the semantic differences between these
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Insert(int, string)
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Syntactically, one-dimensional arrays and rectangular arrays are very similar, so I ll treat them together. I ll then treat jagged arrays separately.
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The actual server-side exception (which may also have InnerException objects of its own) The stack trace information for the server-side exception A DataPortalResult object (as discussed previously) containing both GlobalContext and the business object from the server
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Meaning in Life
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Interfaces vs. Abstract Classes
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