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ARCn: Archive Process
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Implementing Brokered Authentication
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Of course, the GetValue() method returns everything as type object, so the value is cast to IUndoableObject in order to call the CopyState() method.
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Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } You can see that to get attributes in this way for the Calculator class, we must use typeof(Calculator) and pass the result as a parameter to the AttributeTester class methods. The result of both of these approaches is the same and is as follows: Attribute: message: Don't use this class, error: False Press enter to finish
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Name/Value List Objects
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SID QCSID SERVER# DEGREE ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------704 701 1 8 9 701 2 8 242 701 3 8 470 701 4 8 703 701 5 8 8 701 6 8 243 701 7 8 705 701 8 8 701 701 9 rows selected.
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Figure 6-8. The Condition Editor allows you to specify conditions. Again, we ll look at this tool further in 8, so for now, just click the New button, type a condition of this.macroStripper.IsMacroFree != True, and we ll move on. Save your condition and return to the Designer. You ll notice that none of our activities now show a validation error. If we were impatient, we could build our solution and not receive any errors. But we re not impatient, are we
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Figure 4-3. Object graph with a root list object Another important object-oriented concept is the using relationship, where one object uses or interacts with another object but does not contain that object. This is a fundamentally different type of relationship, but it is quite common to accidentally confuse a using relationship with containment. For example, the previously mentioned SalesOrder object might use a CustomerInfo object, but it makes no sense to think that a sales order contains or owns a customer, even though it may require information from a customer information object. Figure 4-4 illustrates how a using relationship can exist between two root objects. There are many variations on the using relationship, including a root using a child, a child using a root, or a child using another child. But the key to understanding the using relationship is to remember that neither object owns or contains or controls the other object. Editing or saving one object does not edit or save the other object.
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Integral to Integral
Figure 5-22. You may have to adjust your Line s Brushes settings to match what I have here. Now that we have these two visuals set up, we can turn them into a UserControl.
Table 10-1. Properties of the SPWorkflow Class
be redirected to Chap03MockObjects.Console.
in Figure 12-4.
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