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Once you have created a StreamWriter, you can use the methods described in Table 20-31 to write data. Table 20-31. StreamWriter WriteLine Methods
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#import "ViewHighScoresAppDelegate.h" #import "RootViewController.h" @implementation ViewHighScoresAppDelegate @synthesize window; @synthesize navigationController; @synthesize highScores; @synthesize rootViewController;
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This section describes how to simulate GPIO ports. GPIO ports are represented in the emulator by the Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Gpio.GpioPort emulator component. The GpioPortSampleEmulator project provides a complete emulator with GPIO ports, and you can find it in this chapter s directory. For a GPIO port component, the Pin, ModesAllowed, and ModesExpected properties can be configured with the configuration file. ModesAllowed indicates whether the appropriate GPIO port can be used as input port, output port, or both. ModesExpected is actually never used and should be always set to the same value as ModesAllowed.
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This technique requires a Shader 2.0 compatible graphics card: technique PerPixelShading { pass Pass0 { VertexShader = compile vs_2_0 PPSVertexShader(); PixelShader = compile ps_2_0 PPSPixelShader(); } }
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Client-side DataPortal Client-side proxy classes Message objects
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The check of the principal object s type is done to ensure that both the client and server are using the same authentication scheme. If the client is using custom authentication and the server is using Windows integrated security, this exception will be thrown. Custom authentication is discussed more fully in 5.
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Step 4: Implement the Business Interface in the Web Service
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Note With the advent of Oracle 10g, we now have flashback technology. This allows us to perform flashback
Figure 4-3. First rendering of the page setting a CSS attribute programmatically On postbacks, the back color will not be set. The line of code setting the back color will not execute, and the TextBox will render with its default background color (see Figure 4-4).
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