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The BusinessBase and BusinessListBase classes provide the tools needed to build editable objects and collections. However, most applications also include a number of read-only objects and collections. An application might have a read-only object that contains system configuration data, or it might have a read-only collection of ProductType objects that are used just for lookup purposes. The ReadOnlyBase class provides a base on which business developers can build read-only root and child objects. By definition, a read-only object is quite simple: it s just a container for data, possibly with authorization or formatting logic to control how that data is accessed. It doesn t support editing of the data, so there s no need for n-level undo, change events, or much of the other complexity built into BusinessBase. ReadOnlyBase supports read-only properties, authorization, and persistence. Like all base classes, this one is Serializable and MustInherit. It also implements Csla.Core. IBusinessObject to provide some level of polymorphic behavior even though this is a generic class: <Serializable()> _ Public MustInherit Class ReadOnlyBase(Of T As ReadOnlyBase(Of T)) Inherits Core.MobileObject Implements ICloneable Implements Core.IReadOnlyObject Implements Csla.Security.IAuthorizeReadWrite Implements Server.IDataPortalTarget Implements Core.IManageProperties End Class Like BusinessBase, the generic type T is constrained to be the type of business object being created, so a business class is declared like this: <Serializable()> _ Public Class DefaultCustomerData Inherits ReadOnlyBase(Of DefaultCustomerData) End Class Presumably, any business object based on this class would consist entirely of read-only properties or methods that just return values. ReadOnlyBase supports data binding, authorization, and persistence. Figure 6-10 illustrates the inheritance hierarchy for ReadOnlyBase.
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and the data contained in the dump may be excessive when attempting to address a system hang in such a case, a HANGANALYZE dump may prove to be a better choice. SYSTEMSTATE dumps captured at level 2 are helpful when used in conjunction with a level 3 HANGANALYZE dump. To also include a short stack output in the trace file, set event 10998 or add 256 to the SYSTEMSTATE dump level. The following commands instruct ORADEBUG to connect to the process for the current session, remove the maximum trace file size limitation, specify a portion of the trace filename to help the DBA locate the trace file, write a level 2 SYSTEMSTATE dump to the trace file (without including a short stack dump), and then close the trace file: SQL> SQL> SQL> SQL> SQL> ORADEBUG SETMYPID ORADEBUG UNLIMIT ALTER SESSION SET TRACEFILE_IDENTIFIER="SYSTEMSTATE"; ORADEBUG DUMP SYSTEMSTATE 2 ORADEBUG CLOSE_TRACE
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The for loop construct executes the body of the loop, as long as the test expression returns true when it is evaluated at the top of the loop. The syntax of the for loop is shown here and illustrated in Figure 9-8. At the beginning of the for loop, Initializer is executed once. TestExpr is then evaluated. If it returns true, Statement is executed, followed by Iterator. Control then returns to the top of the loop, and TestExpr is evaluated again. As long as TestExpr returns true, Statement, followed by Iterator, will be executed. As soon as TestExpr returns false, execution continues at the statement following Statement. Separated by semicolons for( Initializer ; TestExpr ; Iterator ) Statement Initializer, TestExpr, and Iterator are all optional. Their positions can be left blank. The semicolons are required. If the TestExpr position is left blank, the test is assumed to return true. Therefore, there must be some other method of exiting the statement if the program is to avoid going into an infinite loop.
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Note You cannot encrypt an existing tablespace; you must create a tablespace in encrypted mode. In order to
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It is a three-step process to sign a Silverlight application s (with elevated trust enabled in out-of-browser mode) XAP file with a digital certificate. 1. Create a test certificate or receive the digital certificate (from a certificate authority). For demonstration purposes, I will create a test certificate using the MakeCert tool (available in the version-specific Bin folder under Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows on 32-bit OS and Program Files(x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows on 64-bit OS). Execute the following command to create a self-signed test certificate with the name TestCert and stored in TestCert.cer. Note that you will need Administrator rights to run this utility. makecert r pe ss PrivateCertStore n "CN=TestCert" TestCert.cer 2. Sign the XAP file with the digital certificate and embed the certificate within the XAP file. To sign the XAP file with the created self-signed certificate, you will use the SignTool tool (available in the version-specific Bin folder under Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows on 32-bit OS and Program Files(x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows on 64-bit OS ). Execute the following command to sign the chapter15.xap file by the TestCert certificate. Notice that the XAP file size has grown since the XAP file was signed. It now contains the digital certificate also. You will need to resign the XAP file if you rebuild the project. signtool sign /v /s PrivateCertStore /n TestCert chapter15.xap 3. Install the digital certificate to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store (in the client machine) for verification. Your certificate must be trusted to verify the application against the installed digital certificate. For that, you must install the certificate to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store. You just run the created certificate (TestCert.cer) on the command prompt and select the Install Certificate option on the pop-up window, as shown in Figure 15-5. This should open up the certificate installation wizard. Note that you must select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store as the installation location within the certificate installation wizard.
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Table 8-1. Object Status Properties
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In the case of your terrain, for all (X,Z) values, you have defined a vertex for which you know the exact Y value. For all (X,Z) values between these discrete points, you don t know the exact Y value, so you ll have to do some kind of interpolation. This time, you will have to find a relative value between 0 and 1, both for X and for Z. Once you ve found these values, you can calculate the exact Y value in two steps, as shown in this recipe. Finding the Relative Values Given any (X,Z) coordinate, you need to find the exact height Y on your terrain. You start by finding the relative values for X and Z, using the formula discussed earlier. Only this time, you have to apply it two times because you re working in three dimensions: int xLower = (int)xCoord; int xHigher = xLower + 1; float xRelative = (xCoord - xLower) / ((float)xHigher - (float)xLower); int zLower = (int)zCoord; int zHigher = zLower + 1; float zRelative = (zCoord - zLower) / ((float)zHigher - (float)zLower); In your terrain, for each integer value of X and Z, you have defined a vertex, so you know the exact Y value at these points. So for any floating-point value of X, you find the lower X value by casting it to an int (for example, 2.7 will become 2). You find the higher X value by adding 1 to
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Hooking the Visual States Up
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