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The other script is called watch_stat.sql, and for this case study, it uses the MERGE SQL statement so we can initially INSERT the statistic values for a session and then later come back and update them without needing a separate INSERT/UPDATE script: merge into sess_stats using ( select a.name, b.value from v$statname a, v$sesstat b where a.statistic# = b.statistic# and b.sid = :sid and (a.name like "%ga %" or a.name like "%direct temp%") ) curr_stats on (sess_stats.name = curr_stats.name) when matched then update set diff = curr_stats.value - sess_stats.value, value = curr_stats.value when not matched then insert ( name, value, diff ) values ( curr_stats.name, curr_stats.value, null ) / select name, case when name like "%ga %" then round(value/1024,0) else value end kbytes_writes, case when name like "%ga %" then round(diff /1024,0) else value end diff_kbytes_writes from sess_stats order by name; I emphasize the phrase "for this case study" because of the lines in bold the names of the statistics we"re interested in looking at change from example to example. In this particular case, we"re interested in anything with ga in it (pga and uga), or anything with direct temp, which in Oracle 10g and above will show us the direct reads and writes against temporary space (how much I/O we did reading and writing to temp).
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Preprocessor Directives
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The spin_count Parameter
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Also notice that the date values are of type SmartDate, rather than just DateTime. The object is taking advantage of the Csla.SmartDate class that understands empty dates. The code specifies that mStarted should treat an empty date as the minimum possible date value, while mEnded will treat it as the maximum value. Each Project object contains a collection of ProjectResource child objects. When a Project object is created, an empty child collection is also created by calling the appropriate factory method
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Next to all your songs in most of the iTunes views, you will see a little Ping drop down menu. Click the Ping menu to Like, Post or Show Artist Profile. You can also view the iTunes store to see more songs by that artist, album or even more songs in the same genre as shown to the right.
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} } The following statements show this method being used: // create a Calculator object Calculator calc = new Calculator(); // call the CalculateSum method int result1 = calc.CalculateSum(2, 4, 6, 8, 10);
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Reads a single string from the underlying stream. Returns null if the end of the stream has been reached. Reads the stream from the current cursor to the end of the stream and returns the result as a single string. Reads a block of characters into the char array.
If you have no control over the database schema, but the overhead of the last approach is too much to bear, you can update and query on only those column values that have changed. Unfortunately, this approach requires dynamic generation of SQL statements, so it is generally frowned upon. For tables with high column counts, this approach may be worth the trade-off. There is another business rule that must be present before adopting this approach. When user A moves a change to "address" back to the database, it must be irrelevant if user B has changed "state" in the meantime. Using this approach, "address" will get updated with the new value from user A, but "state" will remain the value that user B set it to. While technically both changes were based on fresh data, the combination of values might be invalid. You could end up with an author from Green Bay, MN. (East coasters: Green Bay is in Wisconsin.) So, if your requirements can overlook all of the glaring deficiencies of this method, here s what it would look like (see Concurrency2.aspx in Web10). private bool UpdateAuthors(DataSet ds) { string sql = ""; string sqlBase = " update authors set {0} where au_id = '{1}'{2}"; string sqlUpdate = ""; string sqlWhere = "";
Much like an object, the XML data type exposes several methods you can use to query and modify the XML data. These methods are listed in Table 11-8. Table 11-8. XML Data Type Methods
Because BusinessListBase and the other CSLA .NET collection base classes ultimately inherit from BindingList<T>, they automatically provide full support for data binding.
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