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Sorting Collections
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Figure 3-9. The HTML for your first ASP .NET AJAX web page
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Removing Methods from a Delegate
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The way to process annotations with J2SE 5.0 was to use a library called the Mirror API. The Mirror API contains two parts: one for the processor, in the com.sun.mirror.apt package; and the other for a series of support classes that model the language. The language modeling piece stays put for Java SE 6, while the apt pieces relocate to the javax.annotation.processing package, with a few changes.
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The Flash Recovery Area is a new concept in Oracle 10g and above. Starting with 10g and for the first time in many years (over 25 years), the basic concept behind database backups has changed in Oracle. In the past, the design of backup and recovery in the database was built around the concept of a sequential medium, such as a tape device. That is, random access devices (disk drives) were always considered too expensive to waste for mere backups. You used relatively inexpensive tape devices with large storage capacities. Today, however, you can buy terabytes of disk storage at a very low cost. In fact, my son Alan is the first kid on the block with a 1TB NAS (network attached storage device). It cost $125.00 USD. I remember my first hard drive on my personal computer: a whopping 40MB. I actually had to partition it into two logical disks because the OS I was using (MS-DOS at the time) could not recognize a disk larger than 32MB. Things have certainly changed in the last 25 years or so. The Flash Recovery Area in Oracle is a location where the database will manage many of the files related to database backup and recovery. In this area (an area being a part of a disk set aside for this purpose; a directory, for example), you could find Copies of data files on disk Incremental backups of your database Redo logs (archived redo logs) Control files and backups of control files Flashback logs
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At this point, the system not only tracks projects, but also tracks the resources assigned to each project. For the purposes of this simple example, the only project resources tracked are the people assigned to the projects. With further questioning of the users, a set of use cases revolving around the resources can be developed, without reference (yet) to the projects in which they may be involved.
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Starting with Oracle 10.1, the 10053 trace files contain a section titled Query Block Signature, which lists each of the query blocks (inline views, subqueries, and so forth) found in the SQL statement. The Query Block Signature section lists the tables and aliases that are part of the query block (the nbfros and the corresponding fro(N)). Queries containing nonmergeable views will contain multiple query blocks, and the trace file will consist of separate sections, each optimizing a query block and a final section that combines the nonmergeable query blocks. Query blocks may be named by using the qb_name hint starting with Oracle 10.1. Without a hinted query block name, Oracle will generate a standardized name similar to SEL$1, MISC$2 for each query block. These query block names may then be used in the extended 10g hint syntax to indicate a specific query block to which the hint applies. Furthermore, because of the automatic transformations applied to the SQL statements during optimization, the arrangement of the query blocks may change, making it difficult to correctly apply hints to query blocks using Oracle-generated (nonhinted) query block names. The following output shows two query blocks that were identified in a 10053 trace file: --------------------QUERY BLOCK SIGNATURE --------------------signature (): qb_name=SEL$1 nbfros=1 flg=0 fro(0): flg=5 objn=0 hint_alias="from$_subquery$_001"@"SEL$1" Registered qb: SEL$2 0x81e57e4 (PARSER) --------------------QUERY BLOCK SIGNATURE --------------------signature (): qb_name=SEL$2 nbfros=1 flg=0 fro(0): flg=4 objn=75329 hint_alias="TEST_SORT"@"SEL$2"
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