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Private mPortal As Server.IDataPortalServer Private ReadOnly Property Portal() As Server.IDataPortalServer Get If mPortal Is Nothing Then mPortal = CType( _ Activator.GetObject(GetType(Server.Hosts.RemotingPortal), _ ApplicationContext.DataPortalUrl.ToString), _ Server.IDataPortalServer) End If Return mPortal End Get End Property The Activator.GetObject() call doesn t actually create an instance of a server-side object. It merely creates an instance of a client-side proxy for the server object. The server configuration controls how server-side objects are created, and in this case, one will be created for each method call from a client. The only other interesting bit of code is the Shared constructor, in which .NET Remoting is configured. A Shared constructor is guaranteed to run before any method on a class is invoked, including a regular constructor. In other words, this code will run before anything else runs within the RemotingProxy class. This ensures that .NET Remoting is configured before any other code runs in the proxy. The configuration of remoting is a bit complex, as it employs some optimizations. It sets up a custom configuration for the HttpChannel, making sure that the BinaryFormatter is used, rather than the default SoapFormatter. The code also ensures that the user s Windows credentials are passed across the network if Windows authentication is being used: ' create and register a custom HTTP channel ' that uses the binary formatter Dim properties As New Hashtable properties("name") = "HttpBinary" If ApplicationContext.AuthenticationType = "Windows" Then ' make sure we pass the user's Windows credentials ' to the server properties("useDefaultCredentials") = True End If Dim formatter As New BinaryClientFormatterSinkProvider Dim channel As New HttpChannel(properties, formatter, Nothing) Finally, when the remoting channel itself is registered, it may be encrypted. Control over whether it is encrypted is provided through an <appSettings> key named CslaEncryptRemoting, the value of which is returned from the EncryptChannel property. This is used, along with the Hashtable defined earlier, to configure the channel: ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(channel, EncryptChannel) The end result is that the client is ready to use HTTP to communicate with the server, where a virtual root in IIS is configured to serve up Csla.Server.Hosts.RemotingPortal objects.
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The field manager s primary job is to maintain the values of all properties that use managed backing fields. Simplistically, it might seem that you could store these values in a Dictionary, keyed off the property name. That would work technically, but accessing elements in a Dictionary turns out to be a relatively slow operation.
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Listing 6-19. A Standard Unix timeval Structure
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A big risk for software developers is learning and backing technologies that will quickly become obsolete. Of course, no one can know for certain what the future holds (no matter how much they claim to), but I think it can be useful to look at current recruitment trends when deciding on which areas to concentrate. I spoke to Jonathan Keen, head of search practice at a UK recruitment agency, Cognitive Group (, about trends he was seeing in .net development. Keen shared the following: Generally, companies are cutting back on new projects, so we are seeing less development roles. The most popular and highest paid skills in London at the time of writing (October 2009) are Sharepoint, Dynamics AX, and Dynamics CRM. There are many roles focusing on integration with existing applications such as Sharepoint and Dynamics suite. More competition for job roles places increasing importance on distinguishing yourself. Prove your passion for development. Get out there to conferences, user groups, and blogs. (And buy Apress books about new releases of .NET! author)
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Serif vs. Sans Serif
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Phase 4: Completion
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