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} private static string ConvertToBinary(int value) { return String.Format("{0:00000000}", int.Parse(Convert.ToString(value, 2))); } } The statement in the ConvertToBinary method formats the binary string nicely; you can learn more about formatting in 16. Compiling and running the code in Listing 5-20 produces the following results; for each example, you can see the binary and decimal values and the result of the operator being applied: --- & Operator --binary: 10001010 decimal: 138 binary: 10000001 decimal: 129 result: 10000000 decimal: 128 --- | Operator --binary: 10001010 decimal: 138 binary: 10000001 decimal: 129 result: 10001011 decimal: 139 --- ^ Operator --binary: 10001010 decimal: 138 binary: 10000001 decimal: 129 result: 00001011 decimal: 11 --- ~ Operator --binary: 10001010 decimal: 138 result: 01110101 decimal: 117 Press enter to finish The left and right shift operators move all the bits in a value to the left or right by a specified number of places and inserting the same number of zeros to fill in the gaps. Listing 5-21 demonstrates the leftand right-shift operators. Listing 5-21. Left- and Right-Shifting a Byte Value using System; class Listing 21 { static void Main(string[] args) { byte b = 15; // left shift the byte two places int result = b << 2; // show the before and after values
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Avoid or abstract custom SOAP extensions. SOAP extensions enable you to intercept incoming and outgoing SOAP messages and execute custom logic before the message lands within the Web Service or at the client. This can be useful when you re implementing a custom security mechanism, custom logging, etc. However, WCF provides its own interception and extensibility mechanism, so all SOAP extensions must be rewritten as WCF behaviors or channels. Avoid or abstract calls to HttpContext. The HttpContext class provides access to the intrinsic ASP .NET objects such as Session, Application, and Server. You can rely on this to work because .NET Web Services are always hosted in ASP .NET. However, WCF services may run within several types of hosts, including a simple console application. So you can no longer assume the WCF service is hosted by ASP .NET and, therefore, has an HTTP context. Currently, WSE 2.0 is a popular way to provide security and other required enterprise abilities to Web Services. Unfortunately, Web Services that leverage WSE 2.0 experience a decidedly non-trivial migration path. In fact, Microsoft warns that it may cost significant developer time. This is a particularly problematic given that WCF also doesn t support wireinteroperability with WSE 2.0 either. The good news, however, is that the port from WSE 3.0 to WCF should be trivial. So if you use WSE 2.0, be prepared to migrate to WSE 3.0 as soon as possible to provide a much smoother path to WCF.
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Normally, objects are created in a LOGGING fashion, meaning all operations performed against them that can generate redo will generate it. NOLOGGING allows certain operations to be performed against that object without the generation of redo; we covered this in the 9 Redo and Undo in some detail. NOLOGGING affects only a few specific operations, such as the initial creation of the object, direct path loads using SQL*Loader, or rebuilds (see the SQL Language Reference Manual for the database object you are working with to see which operations apply). This option does not disable redo log generation for the object in general only for very specific operations. For example, if I create a table as SELECT NOLOGGING and then INSERT INTO THAT_TABLE VALUES ( 1 ), the INSERT will be logged, but the table creation might not have been (the DBA can force logging at the database or tablespace level).
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Tip XNA provides functionality to do this interpolation for you if you want to interpolate Vector2s, barcode 128
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First you find the direction from the old to the new position, allowing you to calculate the corresponding angle. If the model has stopped or if it is moved vertically, both the X and Z components of the direction will be 0 and the Atan2 method will return a useless value. If this is the case, you return the last rotation, so a stopped model will keep its rotation.
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A Quick Guide to XML Schema Aaron Skonnard MSDN Magazine (April 2002) Located at MSDN Home MSDN Magazine April 2002
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Figure 20-7. Implementing the IEnumerable<T> interface
Creating and Using Encryption Keys
The Cursor API and its XMLStreamReader interface don t implement the Iterator interface; however, the events are iterated through in the same way with hasNext() and next() methods. Be sure to call next() after hasNext() has returned true to move to the next element in the stream. Running Listing 6-16 against the XML file in Listing 6-15 produces the following results:
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