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attribute and specifying the ID of the existing component and a new one. This does not work currently, however, due to an error in the configuration engine.
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Generic Structs
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Introducing the ScriptManagerProxy Control
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Certain types of unmanaged objects are limited in number or are expensive with system resources. It's important that when your code is done with them, they be released as soon as possible. The using statement helps simplify the process and ensures that these resources are properly disposed of. A resource is a class or struct that implements the System.IDisposable interface. Interfaces are covered in detail in 17 but in short, an interface is a collection of unimplemented function members that classes and structs can choose to implement. The IDisposable interface contains a single method named Dispose. The phases of using a resource are shown in Figure 9-10 and consist of the following: Allocating the resource Using the resource Disposing of the resource
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One of the main features that Basecamp offers is the ability to view project data in a granular, project-specific, way, as well in a comprehensive dashboard view. As Figure 4-4 shows, Basecamp s dashboard view allows users to view a stream of recent activity across their projects, as well as a global to-do list and milestone calendar. It allows users to quickly see what s going on across all projects.
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An attribute is a language construct that allows you to add metadata to a program s assembly. It s a special type of class for storing information about program constructs. The program construct to which you apply an attribute is called its target. Programs designed to retrieve and use metadata, such as object browsers, are said to be consumers of the attributes. There are attributes that are predefined in .NET, and you can also declare custom attributes.
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The steps to include an image in your project are as follows: 1. 2. 3. Add the image to the Silverlight project. Select properties of the image. Change the Build action to Resource.
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private void DataPortal_Fetch(Criteria criteria) { this.RaiseListChangedEvents = false; using (SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection(Database.PTrackerConnection)) { cn.Open(); using (SqlCommand cm = cn.CreateCommand()) { cm.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure; cm.CommandText = "getResources"; using (SafeDataReader dr = new SafeDataReader(cm.ExecuteReader())) { IsReadOnly = false; while (dr.Read()) { ResourceInfo info = new ResourceInfo(dr); this.Add(info); } IsReadOnly = false; } } } this.RaiseListChangedEvents = true; } It opens a connection to the database, sets up a SqlCommand, and executes that command to get back a SafeDataReader object. The code then loops through the data reader, creating an instance of ResourceInfo for each row of data: ResourceInfo info = new ResourceInfo(dr); this.Add(info); The data reader object is passed to each new object s constructor so it can initialize itself with data as appropriate. Once each child object has been created and initialized, it is added to the collection. Since ResourceList is a read-only collection, the IsReadOnly property is set to false before loading the data and true once the loading is complete. The end result is a fully populated list of the resources in the database that can be displayed to the user by the UI.
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This code produces the following output: Person Info: bill, 25 Person Info: Nemo, 35 If you had defined the same conversion operators as explicit rather than implicit, then you would have needed to use cast expressions to perform the conversions, as shown here: Explicit ... public static explicit operator int( Person p ) { return p.Age; } ... static void Main( ) { ... Requires cast expression int age = (int) bill; ...
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Bitmap Indexes
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