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That was simple enough, so let s move on to mouse events.
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The Digest authentication mechanism is very similar to the NTLM mechanism following the challenge/response protocols. It follows standards documented in RFCs 2617 and 2831. You can get more information on the Digest authentication by visiting
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XNA-to-HLSL Variables
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The in and out modifiers support covariance and contravariance.
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Domain services are WCF services that will encapsulate the business logic of an application by exposing data operations in the form of a service layer. The domain context communicates with the domain service by using the WCF ChannelFactory to create a channel and pass it a service contract that was generated from the domain service. You can easily create a domain service within the Visual Studio. Let s create a domain service class under the Services folder of the chapter13.Web server-side project. For that, right-click the Services folder, add a new item, select the domain service class option, and name it ApressBooksService.cs. Select only the Books table and make sure you select Generate associated classes for metadata, as shown in Figure 13-11. By selecting this option it will generate the ApressBookService.metadata.cs file, where you can implement the validation and business rules. The code will be automatically copied to the Silverlight client project as soon as you compile the project. Note that here I have selected the Enable editing option (see Figure 13-11).
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Figure 5-4 shows how you can use the editor to implement the basic settings I have covered so far. You can use the editor for all .NET project types. If you are using it for an ASP.NET Web application or service project, then the editor gives you an additional option to register the SOAP extension class. Otherwise, the second checkbox in the GUI interface is disabled. The editor settings shown in Figure 5-4 will generate the web.config settings that are shown in Listing 5-6. This is not bad for two simple checkbox clicks!
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To explicitly initialize a rectangular array: Each vector of initial values must be enclosed in curly braces. Each dimension must also be nested and enclosed in curly braces. In addition to the initial values, the initialization lists and components of each dimension must also be separated by commas. For example, the following code shows the declaration of a two-dimensional array with an initialization list. Figure 14-8 illustrates the layout in memory. Initialization lists separated by commas int[,] intArray2 = new int[3,2] { {10, 1}, {2, 10}, {11, 9} } ;
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Listing 9-6. Excerpt from the StockTrader Web Service WSDL File Showing the <service> and <binding> Definitions <service name="StockTraderService"> <port name="StockTraderServiceSoap" binding="tns:StockTraderServiceSoap"> <soap:address location="http://localhost/StockTrader/StockTrader.asmx" /> </port> </service> <binding name="StockTraderServiceSoap" type="tns:StockTraderServiceSoap"> <soap:binding transport="" style="document" /> <operation name="RequestAllTradesSummary"> <soap:operation soapAction=" RequestAllTradesSummary" style="document" /> <input> <soap:body use="literal" /> </input> <output> <soap:body use="literal" /> </output> </operation> <!- Additional operations are not shown -> <operation /> </binding> The WS-Addressing specification takes this concept one step further by encapsulating addressing, binding, and security policy information within a single reference, as shown in Listing 9-7. Listing 9-7. Endpoint Reference XML <wsa:EndpointReference> <wsa:Address>soap.tcp://</wsa:Address> <wsa:ReferenceProperties> <st:AccountID>123A</st:AccountID> </wsa:ReferenceProperties> <wsa:PortType>st:StockTraderSoap</wsa:PortType> <wsp:Policy/> </wsa:EndpointReference> You can clearly see how the WCF Port object maps to familiar constructs such as endpoint references and the WSDL <service> and <binding> definitions. The WCF Port object is tied into an extended processing pipeline that supports common message-processing features, including security, policy, routing, and transactions. When you write a service method, you need to add attributes for each of the specifications that you want to implement; for example, you can specify authorization access for a specific user or role.
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Using the Mouse Hover Behavior
NOTE XSD schema files should always define types using nested elements rather than attributes. This makes the file easier to read and reduces the possibility of errors during processing.
Note I ve performed these tests using Java, PL/SQL, Pro*C, and other languages. The end results are very
Let s say you re confronted with some problem code that contains multiple ideas. This code is called a Blob antipattern.4 What essentially happens is that one type requires all of the attention, and the rest of the type declarations revolve around the functionality of the blob class. The main problem with the blob type is that if the blob is modified, the ramifications are immense in that many other types need to be changed. This makes the application brittle and hard to change. The following class declaration for System.IO.Stream is an example of code with too many responsibilities: public abstract class Stream : System.MarshalByRefObject, System.IDisposable { public static readonly System.IO.Stream Null; protected LocalStream() {} void System.IDisposable.Dispose() {} public virtual void Close() {} protected virtual System.Threading.WaitHandle CreateWaitHandle() {} public abstract override void Flush(); public abstract override int Read(byte [] buffer, int offset, int count); public virtual int ReadByte() {} public abstract override long Seek(long offset, System.IO.SeekOrigin origin); public abstract override void SetLength(long value); public abstract override void Write(byte [] buffer, int offset, int count); public virtual void WriteByte(byte value) {} public virtual System.IAsyncResult BeginRead(byte [] buffer, int offset, int count, System.AsyncCallback cback, object state) {} public virtual System.IAsyncResult BeginWrite(byte [] buffer, int offset, int count, System.AsyncCallback cback, object state) {} public virtual int EndRead(System.IAsyncResult async_result) {} public virtual void EndWrite(System.IAsyncResult async_result) {} public abstract bool CanSeek { get {} } public abstract long Position { get {} set {} } public abstract bool CanWrite { get {} } public abstract long Length { get {} } public abstract bool CanRead { get {} } }
Design Patterns for Building Service-Oriented Web Services
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