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Now that you ve seen an example, it s time to go deeper into the underlying mechanism. How exactly does the CBO invoke user-defined selectivity and cost functions What goes on under the hood Let s answer those questions. As we ve discussed earlier, the optimizer determines three measures during the optimization phase: selectivity, cardinality and cost. When we associate a statistical type with a user-defined datatype or index type, the CBO calls the user-defined cost and selectivity functions at certain points from the optimization process. Following is an excerpt from the CBO trace file, produced by event 10053, where we can see how and when these calls are performed. To save space and make this section more readable, the details about the function call parameters are omitted. A full listing from the same process, showing all details, is available as part of the example download for this book. (You can find this code in the Source Code/Download area of the Apress website at www.apress.com.) QUERY SELECT T1.* FROM T1 WHERE demo_func1( t1.object_id, 1, 3000, 1, 0) = 1; ***************************** SYSTEM STATISTICS INFORMATION ***************************** Using WORKLOAD Stats CPUSPEED: 1000 millions instructions/sec
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Logical Operators
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Unary Operators
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This chapter has covered much more of the support Silverlight provides for building user interfaces. First, it covered the support Silverlight provides for 2D drawing, including the Geometry- and Shapebased classes. Then it covered the various transformations (including the newly introduced composite transformation) used to alter how elements are rendered, such as applying a rotation. You also learned about creating 3D effects using perspective transforms, pixel shaders, and the existing brush capability in Silverlight that provides flexibility in how content is drawn within bounding elements. You can achieve some interesting effects when you animate the properties of a brush. In the next chapter, we will cover animation, and by combining transformations with animation, you can perform interesting effects such as setting something spinning by continually altering its rotational angle.
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public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); } } }
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Serializable NonSerialized Obsolete DLLImport WebMethod AttributeUsage
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