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Notice that the X.509 certificate-based private key is retrieved from the Current User certificate store. Once the SOAP request message is received by the Web service, the following steps need to happen: 1. The Web service must retrieve the public key for the certificate from its LocalMachine certificate store. The Web service method must verify the digitally signed message (using the public key). The Web service must then decrypt the SOAP message body and process the requested operation. Finally, the Web service must encrypt the response and send it back to the client.
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The Microsoft .NET Micro Framework is a small and efficient .NET runtime environment used to run managed code on devices that are too small and resource constrained for Windows CE and the .NET Compact Framework. The .NET Micro Framework enables you to write embedded applications for small, connected, embedded devices with Visual Studio and C#. That means you can now use the same development tools and language that you use to build desktop and smart device (PDA and smartphone) applications to develop applications for microcontrollers. The .NET Micro Framework also provides an extensible hardware emulator for rapid prototyping and debugging. The .NET Micro Framework requires no underlying operating system. A scaled-down version of the Common Language Runtime (TinyCLR) sits directly on the hardware, so the framework is often called a bootable runtime. The runtime has a small footprint; it uses only a few hundred kilobytes of RAM and does not require the processor to have a memory management unit (MMU). Therefore, the .NET Micro Framework can run on small and inexpensive 32-bit processors without consuming a lot of power.
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You might want to use your list box as a kind of menu where the user can click a selected menu item using the Select key. Therefore, you need to subscribe to the following event handler in order to be notified and able to execute some commands: listBox.AddHandler(Buttons.ButtonDownEvent, new ButtonEventHandler(listBox_ButtonDown), false); Listing 11-28. Creating a List Box with Text Items using System; using using using using Microsoft.SPOT; Microsoft.SPOT.Input; Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation; Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation.Controls;
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Figure 6-5. Type a number in a calculated item s cell.
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STL Constructor
TIP You can avoid the previous installation steps and have Visual Studio automatically pick up the snippet by saving it to VS2010 s code snippets directory. Default locationC:\Users\<Username>\Documents\Visual Studio 10\Code Snippets\. You will not even have to restart VS.
There are some common features or conventions that should be followed when coding any business classes that will inherit from the CSLA .NET base classes. These are as follows: <Serializable()> attribute Common regions Private default constructor Criteria class Let s briefly discuss each of these requirements.
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