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Table 2-3. Displayable Names of the Calendar Class Field
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Extension Methods
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11. Now change the Vehicle class to be abstract so that it cannot be instantiated, as follows:
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Setting for CEB Scenario
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and Rocks, as shown in Figure 4-15, and then click OK.
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PE Signature (4 Bytes)
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Security permissions define the kinds of activities the code requests (or demands, or denies, and so on) the right to perform. The same permissions are used in security policy definitions, specifying what sorts of applications have the right to perform these activities and under what circumstances. Special classes of the .NET Framework class library represent these permissions. Each permission class is accompanied by a permission attribute class, whose instance constructor is used as a type of security custom attribute. Applying a security custom attribute to a metadata item leads to instantiation of the security object targeting the associated metadata item. In some sense, it s easier to describe the permissions in terms of the accompanying attribute classes, because the permission classes have instance constructors of different signatures, whereas the instance constructors of the security attribute classes invariably have one parameter the security action code. All the parameters of the instance constructor(s) of the respective permission class are represented by the attribute s properties, set through name/value pairs. The permissions form three groups. The first group includes the permissions related to access rights to certain resources. The second group consists of permissions related to identity characteristics of the code, including its origin. The third group represents custom permissions, invented by .NET Framework users for their particular purposes. It seems to be a general principle of the .NET Framework that if you can t find something satisfactory within the framework, it at least provides you with the means to build your own better mousetrap. Most of the permission classes belong to the namespace System.Security.Permissions, of the Mscorlib.dll assembly, so I ve specified the assembly and namespace in the following sections only when they are different.
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Class Destruction and Cleanup
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Oracle Backup on EC2: The OSB Cloud Module
Although a relatively new technology, Silverlight has already been put to the test when it was used very successfully to stream coverage of the Beijing Olympics for NBC. Brian Goldfarb (group product manager) said Silverlight streamed more than 250TB of data over this period ( c/a/Application-Development/Microsoft-Proving-Ground-Silverlight-at-the-Olympics/). Interested You should be. Take a look at the technology stack Silverlight is built on.
Listing 5-1. The Seven Namespaces Used for Most Workflow Projects using using using using using using using System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Compiler; System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Serialization; System.Workflow.ComponentModel; System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design; System.Workflow.Runtime; System.Workflow.Activities; System.Workflow.Activities.Rules;
Create a SilverlightMap.xaml File
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