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Figure 12-4. Changing the name of an assembly The assembly can be described still more exactly by indicating the version number, culture, and public key token. Thus, the type information to load an emulator component type might look as follows: <namespace>.<type name>, <assembly name>, [Version=], [Culture=neutral], [PublicKeyToken=1270f5f21e7f4192] Finding and loading the data types and assemblies in the emulator take place with the standard .NET loading mechanism with the GetType method of the Type class and the GetType method of the loaded Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator assembly. The requirements for the physical memory location were already described in a previous section s discussion of sharing reusable emulator component libraries. A component, itself, can be placed in one of the following locations: The Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.dll assembly The emulator s executable assembly A library assembly in the emulator directory An assembly in the GAC For components provided in the Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.dll assembly, which, therefore, do not require an assembly name indication in the Types section, you can also specify the data type directly. This allows you to omit the declaration in the Types section. For example, instead of the following lines
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The final C# loop type is a while loop. Listing 4-9 contains an example. Listing 4-9. Using a while Loop using System; class Listing 08 { static void Main(string[] args) { int x = 0; while (x < 5) { // write out a message Console.WriteLine("Iteration for value: {0}", x); // increment the local variable x++; } // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } Figure 4-20 shows the while loop in Listing 4-9 .
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The final method in MethodCaller is used by both Csla.DataPortal and Csla.Server.DataPortal to determine the type of business object involved in the data portal request. It uses the criteria object supplied by the factory method in the business class to find the type of the business object itself. This method supports the two options discussed earlier: where the criteria class is nested within the business class and where the criteria object inherits from Csla.CriteriaBase: Public Function GetObjectType(ByVal criteria As Object) As Type If criteria.GetType.IsSubclassOf(GetType(CriteriaBase)) Then ' get the type of the actual business object ' from CriteriaBase Return CType(criteria, CriteriaBase).ObjectType Else ' get the type of the actual business object ' based on the nested class scheme in the book Return criteria.GetType.DeclaringType End If End Function If the criteria object is a subclass of Csla.CriteriaBase, then the code simply casts the object to type CriteriaBase and retrieves the business object type by calling the ObjectType property. With a nested criteria class, the code gets the type of the criteria object and then returns the DeclaringType value from the Type object. The DeclaringType property returns the type of the class within which the criteria class is nested.
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Implementing a micro-kernel isn t that simple because what might be considered as part of the micro-kernel might be an external or internal server, or even part of the adapter. The best way to understand how to design and implement a micro-kernel is to know the roles of each piece of the micro-kernel. The micro-kernel will have to fulfill the following roles: Provide the basic access to the resources used by the internal servers, external servers, and emulators. Provide the framework that binds together the internal servers, external servers, and emulators. Provide the core functionality in abstract terms, meaning as few as possible actual implementations are created. Supplied are the definitions used by all of the other pieces. When designing a micro-kernel, the key objective is to keep the kernel compact and focused; it should offer basic functionalities and delegate everything else. A micro-kernel should be updated as little as possible. In application design terms, the micro-kernel should always be using interfaces or abstract base classes. The Bridge pattern and Micro-Kernel pattern do tie together, as the adapter uses the logic exposed by the external servers. Remember from 3 that the Bridge pattern focuses on a single aspect of the business logic, whereas the adapter focuses on the entire application. The internal servers have to fulfill the following roles: Implement additional logic that isn t part of the micro-kernel. Encapsulate system specifics that are relevant to the micro-kernel. The internal servers have a critical role to fulfill in that they are responsible for making the micro-kernel work properly. In a nutshell, the internal servers are gophers (they go get this and go get that) for the micro-kernel. For example, if the micro-kernel needs a configuration file, an internal server would supply that. Ideally, the internal server would provide a neutral interface so that a configuration file could be loaded from a local file or remote database. The micro-kernel shouldn t be aware where the data is loaded from, as the micro-kernel only cares about the configuration information. Micro-kernels are also one of the ugliest pieces of code because they try to walk the thin line between abstraction and being too complex. Going back to the configuration file example, a coder could write an internal server that has the ability to read configuration information from any location using any storage engine. This might be attractive, but is useless if the
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BizTalk can be the hub of a business architecture, responsible for orchestrating each step of the workflow. For instance, suppose that Acme, Inc. (the sample company we ve been using throughout this book) had the order/fulfillment flow illustrated in Figure 13-1 (obviously, this is a very simplified rendition, and certainly more departments come in to play when a customer orders a product).
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For example, the following code updates MyClass to implement interface IComparable. Notice the following about the code: The name of the interface is listed in the base class list of the class declaration. The class implements a method called CompareTo, whose parameter type and return type match those of the interface member. Method CompareTo is implemented to satisfy the definition given in the interface s documentation. That is, it returns a negative 1, positive 1, or 0, depending on its value compared to the object passed into the method.
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The File Size in a Specific Range of Kilobytes
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