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Object in Charge
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Before a client application can create a subclass of EnterpriseServicesProxy, it needs to create an assembly containing a subclass of EnterpriseServicesPortal. The purpose of this subclass is to provide a unique assembly name for this application within COM+. Where IIS allows you to define numerous virtual roots that expose the same assemblies, COM+ requires different assembly names to achieve isolation between applications. In order to run within the Enterprise Services environment, the class inherits from System.EnterpriseServices.ServicedComponent and has a couple Enterprise Services attributes applied: <EventTrackingEnabled(True)> _ <ComVisible(True)> _ Public MustInherit Class EnterpriseServicesPortal Inherits ServicedComponent Implements Server.IDataPortalServer The <EventTrackingEnabled()> attribute ensures that the object reports its status to COM+ so that the spinning balls work properly in the management console. The <ComVisible()> attribute is required so that the class is exposed as a COM class, allowing COM+ to interact with it as needed. Because EnterpriseServicesPortal is a ServicedComponent, the Csla.dll assembly needs some extra configuration: The Csla project references System.EnterpriseServices.dll. The project/assembly is signed with a key file. The project includes an EnterpriseServicesSettings.cs file with some key attributes. Figure 4-9 shows the Project Properties page where the key file is specified to sign the assembly. Enterprise Services requires that assemblies be signed before they can run within COM+.
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Forward Declaration of Classes
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$ adrci ADRCI: Release - Production on Wed Jan 20 14:15:16 2010 Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle and/or its affiliates. ADR base = "/home/ora11gr2/app/ora11gr2" adrci> show problem ADR Home = /home/ora11gr2/app/ora11gr2/diag/rdbms/orcl/ora11gr2: ************************************************************************* PROBLEM_ID PROBLEM_KEY LAST_INCIDENT LASTINC_TIME -------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- ---------------------------------------1 ORA 4031 7228 2009-12-15 03:32:51.964000 -05:00 1 rows fetched On December 15, 2009 I caused an ORA-4031, a serious problem, in the database. I can now see what was affected by that error by issuing the show incident command: adrci> show incident ADR Home = /home/ora11gr2/app/ora11gr2/diag/rdbms/orcl/ora11gr2: ************************************************************************* INCIDENT_ID PROBLEM_KEY CREATE_TIME -------------------- ----------------- -------------------------6201 ORA 4031 2009-12-15 03:22:54.854000 -05:00 6105 ORA 4031 2009-12-15 03:23:05.169000 -05:00 6177 ORA 4031 2009-12-15 03:23:07.543000 -05:00 6202 ORA 4031 2009-12-15 03:23:12.963000 -05:00 6203 ORA 4031 2009-12-15 03:23:21.175000 -05:00 5 rows fetched I can see there were five incidents, and I can identify the information related to each incident via the show tracefile command: adrci> show tracefile -I 6177 diag/rdbms/orcl/ora11gr2/incident/incdir_6177/ora11gr2_ora_26528_i6177.trc adrci> This shows me the location of the trace file for incident number 6177. Further, I can see a lot of detail about the incident if I so choose: adrci> show incident -mode detail -p "incident_id=6177" ADR Home = /home/ora11gr2/app/ora11gr2/diag/rdbms/orcl/ora11gr2: ************************************************************************* ********************************************************** INCIDENT INFO RECORD 1 ********************************************************** INCIDENT_ID 6177 STATUS ready All rights reserved.
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The final step in the object design process is to compare the new class diagram with the original use case descriptions to ensure that everything described in each use case can be accomplished through the use of these objects. Doing so helps to ensure that the object model covers all the user requirements. Figure 3-11 shows the complete object model, and Table 3-3 shows the updated CRC information. The solid-lined arrows in Figure 3-11 indicate collaboration between objects, illustrating how many of them work together to provide the required functionality. The dashed lines show navigation between objects. For instance, if you have a ProjectInfo object, it is possible to navigate from there to a Project, typically by calling a GetProject() method. While navigation between objects isn t strictly necessary, it is often of great benefit to UI developers. Consider that a UI developer will get access to a ProjectInfo object when the user selects a project from a control in the UI. In most cases, the next step is to load the associated Project so that the user can view or edit the data. Providing navigational support directly in the object model makes this trivial to implement within the UI.
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Now open your web browser to localhost:3000/high_scores to see the product of those strenuous minutes of hard work. Your web browser should present you with a plain-looking web app where your users can store their name and their latest high score. It will store one record for each name and score pair. The default code generated by Rails lists records in the order in which they are saved in the database, and the navigation is a bit lacking, but it is a good, usable prototype. And the best part is that it implements full XML web services, with no extra work on your part. Figure 2-2 shows the simple high-score web service after I entered a few scores.
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in Figure 16-9.
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Change some fields and press the button </asp:Label> <br> <uc1:RenderTextboxes id="RenderTextboxes1" runat="server" /> <br> <asp:Button Runat=server ID=btn Text='Postback' /> </form> </body> </HTML> And here s the code from the corresponding code-behind, PreRenderIE.aspx.cs: public partial class PreRenderIE : System.Web.UI.Page { private int ChangeCount = 0; override protected void OnInit(EventArgs e) { RenderTextboxes1.FieldChanged += new EventHandler(RenderTextboxes1_FieldChanged); base.OnInit(e); this.PreRender += new EventHandler(PreRenderIE_PreRender); } private void RenderTextboxes1_FieldChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { ChangeCount++; } private void PreRenderIE_PreRender(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (this.IsPostBack) { lblOutput.Text = string.Format( "You changed {0} fields on the User Control", ChangeCount); this.Controls.Remove(this.Controls[0]); this.Controls.AddAt(0, new LiteralControl(string.Format( "<html><head><title>{0} Changes</title></head><body>", ChangeCount))); } } }
The initParams parameter is used to pass a set of delimited properties with their values to Silverlight, and thus to the Silverlight application. Each property takes the form of Name=Value, and the properties
he first three chapters of this book gave you an overview of Ajax and Atlas and how you can use them to build web applications using this technology to restrict unnecessary postbacks and processing on your web pages, thus improving the performance and polish of your web applications. s 4 and 5 introduced you to the client-side controls presented by Atlas and stepped you through many examples of how to use these controls in JavaScript and in a new XML-based script called Atlas Script. You looked at some advanced aspects of the scripting framework, including actions, which are compound commands associated with an event or stimulus on a control; behaviors, which are automatic units of functionality that can be associated with a control, enabling things such as drag and drop; and data binding, which allows for controls to be wired up to each other or to themselves in order to pass data between them. In this chapter, you will go to the other side of the action the server and begin exploring the various server-side controls available to you when building your Atlas applications. You have seen one of these controls, the ScriptManager control, already. In this chapter you will look at ScriptManager in more detail. In 7, you will start learning about how these controls work by navigating through some examples.
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