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Using Attributes
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When you create custom attributes, you also have to create the code that can detect them and read the values you have provided as constructor parameters. The normal way to do this is to create properties that are set using the constructor parameter values. This is what I did with the DetailLevel attribute in Listing 17-8. It is important that the properties be read-only. If the value of the properties can be changed, then the meaning assigned to the class by the attribute will also be changed, leading to inconsistent and unexpected results. You can either make the set accessor of an automatically implemented property private so that it can be used only within the attribute class or use field-backed properties, which is demonstrated in Listing 17-9. Listing 17-9. Using Field-Backed Properties in a Custom Attribute Class using System; public class DetailLevelAttribute : Attribute { private bool useDetailed; public DetailLevelAttribute(bool useDetailedParam) { useDetailed = useDetailedParam; } public bool UseDetailed { get { return useDetailed; } } } It doesn t matter which approach you use, just as long as the value of the properties cannot be modified.
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11. You can then see the Feedback that you entered when you were viewing the site in the
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Once again, you can enter most of the query information and/or other configuration data using a graphical interface by viewing the TaskDataSet.xsd file in design mode as shown in Figure 6-13.
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With Silverlight 4, you can define styles as a resource and target them to specific types of UIElement implicitly. This would allow you to categorize the theme based on the control type to provide a consistent look and feel of specific types of controls across the application. We applied the static resource style to TextBlock controls of the login screen. Now we will use implicit styling for the Button control. For that you need to add styling at the UserControl Resources level (without x:Key attribute) targeting to the Button control by setting TargetType to Button, as shown here. <UserControl.Resources> <Style TargetType="Button"> <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="Green"/> <Setter Property="FontWeight" Value="Bold"/> </Style> </UserControl.Resources>
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Figure 1-3. A simple state machine for document approval read pdf417
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we can see that another partition, SYS_P663, is added that contains all of the data for the month of June, 2010. You might be looking at this output and asking why everything is in the USERS tablespace. We clearly asked for the data to be spread out over the USERS tablespace and the EXAMPLE tablespace, so why is everything in a single tablespace It has to do with the fact that when the database is figuring out what partition the data goes into. It is also computing which tablespace it would go into. Since each of our partitions is an even number of months away from each other and we are using just two tablespaces, we end up using the same tablespace over and over. If we only loaded every other month into this table, we would end up using only a single tablespace. We can see that the EXAMPLE tablespace can be used by adding some row that is an odd number of months away from our existing data: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> insert into audit_trail (ts,data) values 2 ( to_date("15-mar-2010","dd-mon-yyyy"), "xx" ); 1 row created. ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> select a.partition_name, a.tablespace_name, a.high_value, 2 decode( a.interval, "YES", b.interval ) interval 3 from user_tab_partitions a, user_part_tables b 4 where a.table_name = "AUDIT_TRAIL"
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Returns true if an array contains an element that meets the specified criteria.
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Many developers are too busy (or lazy!) to learn new technologies and skills. This is a shame, as they miss out on Producing better software Making their lives easier through better and easier-to-maintain code Opening up new promotion and job opportunities Impressing people
please refer directly to the code samples that accompany this chapter.
DOM Object
Responsible for rendering the trace report when tracing is enabled at the application level. Renders an interface for administration of a web application. This handler actually redirects the request to the Web Admin application, passing along the name of the application where the request was made as a query string parameter. (see 5 for details on this tool). This admin tool then acts as an editor for the web.config of the requesting application. A handler for extracting resources from assemblies and returning them to clients. The resource is described using query string parameters. This handler can be used from the src attribute of a script or image element, and can also be used from a link element to return a Cascading Style Sheet. Used to compile all pages and code in an application after it has been deployed. This handler finds all pages in the site and types in the App_Code directory and proactively compiles them; this way users don t experience any lag when they request a page for the first time. Support for Web Part layouts for use in portal applications.
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