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focus() scrollIntoView() removeCssClass(String className)
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The security token could not be authenticated or authorized.
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string unencryptedPassword = Marshal.PtrToStringBSTR(Marshal.SecureStringToBSTR(secString));
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Strings implement IComparable, so they support the CompareTo method to compare to another string. You can also use the static method, Compare, to compare two strings. The version of the Compare static method that takes only two strings as parameters and the CompareTo method use the same comparison algorithm, but the Compare static method is overloaded and has several variations that allow the comparison to be customized. The CompareTo method, for any object that implements IComparable, returns a value representing one of three possibilities. A negative return value indicates that the first object is less than the second. A zero return value indicates that the two objects are equal. A positive return value indicates that the first object is greater than the second. For the CompareTo method, the first object is the object whose instance method is being called; for the static method, the first object is the first argument. Listing 5-5 shows the basic use of string comparison. Listing 5-5. Comparing Strings with CompareTo // string_compare.cpp using namespace System; int main() { String^ str1 = "cat"; String^ str2 = "cab"; if (str1->CompareTo( str2 ) < 0) { Console::WriteLine(str1 + " is less than " + str2); } // For variety, use the static method. else if ( String::Compare(str1, str2) > 0 ) { Console::WriteLine("{0} is less than {1}", str2, str1); }
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First you need to develop resource files providing translated text for the XAML user interface that can be displayed at runtime based on the language selection. We will keep English as the default language at start-up time. Visual Studio provides a Resource Designer tool that enables you to manage project-specific resources such as strings, images, videos, and icons that will be used for localization purposes. For more information on the how to manage resources, visit Microsoft MSDN, http://msdn.microsoft.com/enus/library/t69a74ty.aspx. Create a new Resources folder at the chapter7 Silverlight application project level. Right-click the Resources folder and add a new item of type Resources File and name it to Strings.resx file, as shown in Figure 7-14.
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You can safely omit the DataPortal_Create() method if your object doesn t require any initialization when you create it. If your object does require default values to be loaded into properties (hard-coded from a config file or from a database table), then you should implement the method to initialize those values. Notice the RunLocal attribute on the DataPortal_Create() method. [RunLocal] protected override void DataPortal_Create() This attribute is used to force the data portal to run the method locally. You use this attribute for methods that do not need to interact with server-side resources (like the database) when they are executed. Typically, you would only use this attribute on DataPortal_Create(), and only if you don t need to load default values from a database table into a new object. The use of the RunLocal attribute is optional, and when you use this attribute, the decorated DataPortal_XYZ method must not access the database, because it may not be running in a physical location where the database is available. The Transactional attributes on the methods that insert, update, or delete data specify that those methods should run within a System.Transactions.TransactionScope transactional context. [Transactional(TransactionalTypes.TransactionScope)] protected override void DataPortal_Update() You may opt instead to use the TransactionTypes.EnterpriseServices setting to run within a COM+ distributed transaction, or the TransactionTypes.Manual setting to handle your own transactions using ADO.NET or stored procedures.
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GetColumns Method
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Managed Provider Factories
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The reason the field is the reverse of the property is that the default value for a SmartDate is that EmptyIsMin is True. Given that you can t initialize fields in a Structure, it is simpler to accept the default value for a Boolean, which is False. Hence the use of mEmptyIsMax as a field, since if it is False (the default), then EmptyIsMin is True by default.
The binary bitwise operators compare the corresponding bits at each position in each of their two operands, and set the bit in the return value according to the logical operation.
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