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The ALTER SESSION method for enabling a 10046 extended trace does not change the values shown in the SQL_TRACE, SQL_TRACE_WAITS, and SQL_TRACE_BINDS columns in V$SESSION, while DBMS_SESSION s SESSION_TRACE_ENABLE does change those columns to indicate the type of trace enabled for the session. Compare the query results with each other in the following example: SQL> ALTER SESSION SET EVENTS "10046 TRACE NAME CONTEXT FOREVER, LEVEL 12"; SQL> SELECT 2 SQL_TRACE, SQL_TRACE_WAITS, SQL_TRACE_BINDS 3 FROM 4 V$SESSION 5 WHERE 6 SID=(SELECT SID FROM V$MYSTAT WHERE ROWNUM=1); SQL_TRACE SQL_TRACE_WAITS SQL_TRACE_BINDS --------- --------------- --------------DISABLED FALSE FALSE SQL> EXEC DBMS_SESSION.SESSION_TRACE_ENABLE(WAITS=>TRUE, BINDS=>TRUE) SQL> SELECT 2 SQL_TRACE, SQL_TRACE_WAITS, SQL_TRACE_BINDS 3 FROM 4 V$SESSION 5 WHERE 6 SID=(SELECT SID FROM V$MYSTAT WHERE ROWNUM=1); SQL_TRACE SQL_TRACE_WAITS SQL_TRACE_BINDS --------- --------------- --------------ENABLED TRUE TRUE
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s When creating a consumer for the web service, Visual Studio uses this information to create a proxy class Tip that mirrors the data structure. This gives consumer developers the benefits of IntelliSense, so that they can easily understand what data is required or returned from the web methods.
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AutoPlay: false
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The following code expands the preceding class D by adding two methods: One method sets the values of the two data members. The other method displays the values of the two data members. class D { int Mem1; static int Mem2; public void SetVars(int v1, int v2) // Set the values { Mem1 = v1; Mem2 = v2; } Access as if it were an instance field public void Display( string str ) { Console.WriteLine("{0}: Mem1= {1}, Mem2= {2}", str, Mem1, Mem2); } } Access as if it were an instance field class Program { static void Main() { D d1 = new D(), d2 = new D(); // Create two instances. d1.SetVars(2, 4); d1.Display("d1"); d2.SetVars(15, 17); d2.Display("d2"); d1.Display("d1"); } } // Set d1's values. // Set d2's values. // Display d1 again and notice that the // value of static member Mem2 has changed!
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When converting a floating-point type to an integer type, the value is rounded toward 0 to the nearest integer. Figure 18-12 illustrates the conversion conditions. If the rounded value is not within the range of the target type, then The CLR raises an OverflowException exception if the overflow checking context is checked. C# does not define what its value should be if the context is unchecked.
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A variable name represents the value stored by the variable. You can use the value by using the variable name. For example, the value of var2 is retrieved from memory and placed at the position of the variable name, like so: Console.WriteLine("{0}", var2);
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Binary Bool DateTime Double GUID Int Int64 String
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CHAPTER 1: Simplify the User Interface for Complex Games: Chess, the Deep Green Way
-(void)startAnimation -(void)stopAnimation -(void)setAnimationTimer:(NSTimer *)newTimer -(void)setAnimationInterval:(NSTimeInterval)interval
This normalized list will be used as the source for your new pivot table. Make a backup copy of the Tip
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