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2.2. Sorting a Pivot Field: New Items Out of Order
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output.WriteObject<Vector3>(value.P0); output.WriteObject<Vector3>(value.P1); output.WriteObject<Vector3>(value.P2); } public override string GetRuntimeReader(TargetPlatform targetPlatform) { return typeof(TriangleTypeReader).AssemblyQualifiedName; } } public class TriangleTypeReader : ContentTypeReader<Triangle> { protected override Triangle Read(ContentReader input, Triangle existingInstance) { Vector3 p0 = input.ReadObject<Vector3>(); Vector3 p1 = input.ReadObject<Vector3>(); Vector3 p2 = input.ReadObject<Vector3>(); Triangle newTriangle = new Triangle(p0, p1, p2); return newTriangle; } } } In your main XNA project, this is how you load the Model, access its Triangles, and place a breakpoint so you can examine the contents of the modelTriangles array: myModel = Content.Load<Model>("tank"); modelTransforms = new Matrix[myModel.Bones.Count]; Triangle[] modelTriangles = (Triangle[])myModel.Tag; System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break();
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Side-by-Side Execution in the GAC
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Figure 17-9 illustrates the code. Notice in the figure that the interface methods are not pointing at class-level implementations but contain their own code.
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Now press F5 to run the application, start the webcam, take a snapshot, and click the Save Image button. Notice how you get a standard Windows Save dialog box with .png as the default file type (see Figure 1423).
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The alignment specifier represents the minimum width of the field in terms of characters. The alignment specifier has the following characteristics: It is optional and separated from the index with a comma. It consists of a positive or negative integer. The integer represents the minimum number of characters to use for the field. The sign represents either right or left alignment. Positive specifies right alignment; negative specifies left alignment. Index use 0th item in the list Console.WriteLine("{0, 10}", 500); Alignment specifier right-align in a field of ten characters For example, the following code shows two format items, formatting the value of int variable myInt. In the first case, the value of myInt is displayed as a right-aligned string of ten characters. In the second case, it is left-aligned. The format items are between two vertical bars, just to show in the output their limits on each side. int myInt = 500; Console.WriteLine("|{0, 10}|", myInt); Console.WriteLine("|{0,-10}|", myInt);
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The declarations of these function members cannot contain any implementation code. Instead, a semicolon must be used for the body of each member declaration. By convention, interface names begin with an uppercase I (for example, ISaveable). Like classes and structs, interface declarations can also be split into partial interface declarations, as described in the Partial Classes section of 6.
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Now to dynamically change the styles of UI elements at runtime, we add a Button control with the Click event (as the last control) in the existing StackPanel, as shown here. <Button x:Name="ToggleButton" Click="ToggleButton_Click" Content="Toggle Style" Width="150" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="5"/> Now to identify one of the existing TextBlock controls in the code-behind, we name the Main Titlerelated TextBlock control as tbMainTitle, and change the text to show what style is applicable (Main Title or Dynamic Title style) as shown here (in bold fonts): <TextBlock x:Name="tbMainTitle" Text="Main Title (with MainTitle style)" Style="{StaticResource MainTitle}" Margin="5"/> The following is the corresponding code-behind that toggles the style of the tbMainTitle control between the DynamicTitle and MainTitle style definitions: private void ToggleButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (isToggle==false) { tbMainTitle.Style = LayoutRoot.Resources["DynamicTitle"] as Style; tbMainTitle.Text = "Main Title (with DynamicTitle style)"; } else { tbMainTitle.Style = LayoutRoot.Resources["MainTitle"] as Style; tbMainTitle.Text = "Main Title (with MainTitle style)"; } isToggle =! isToggle; } Once you run this sample, you can toggle styles by clicking the button. Here, as explained earlier, for demonstration purposes I have also changed the Main Title-related TextBlock text to display which style is used to display text. Note that in the previous code snippet the isToggle variable needs to be defined at class level as bool. Figure 8-4 shows the outcome of style overriding.
These are the types most commonly used by developers as they build business objects based on CSLA .NET. These types are used by other framework classes and often extend the .NET Framework or enable extension of CSLA .NET. These types provide functionality to simplify writing data access code. These types are part of the data portal functionality (see 15). These types are required by the LINQ to CSLA functionality. These are a set of helper types that abstract the use of reflection. These are the types that implement authorization and help implement custom authentication. These are a set of helper types that abstract the serialization of objects. These types implement the server-side data portal functionality (see 15). These types enable interaction with CSLA .NET for Silverlight. These are the types that implement the business and validation rules support for editable business objects. These are types and controls used to assist in the creation of Web Forms user interfaces. These are types and controls used to assist in the creation of Windows Forms user interfaces.
This code produces the following output: After BeginInvoke Not Done Inside Sum Not Done Not Done Done Result: 8
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Since the code inside the method must write to an output parameter before it can read from it, it is impossible to send data into a method using output parameters. In fact, if there is any execution path through the method that attempts to read the value of an output parameter before the method has assigned it a value, the compiler produces an error message. public void Add2( out int outValue ) { int var1 = outValue + 2; // Error! Can't read from an output parameter } // before it has been assigned to by the method. For example, the following code again shows method MyMethod, but this time using output parameters: class MyClass { public int Val = 20; } class Program { static void { f1 = new f1.Val = f2 = }
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