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Caution Any of the taskProperties properties that we access are merely snapshots in time. They
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Starting in Oracle Database 11g Release 1 and above, the database also offers automatic memory management sort of a one stop shop for all of your memory settings. With Oracle 10g and automatic SGA memory management the DBA could get away with just two major memory settings the pga_aggregrate_target and the sga_target. The database would automatically allocate and reallocate memory chunks within each as described above. In Oracle Database 11g, the DBA can now get away with setting a single memory parameter the memory_target. This memory_target represents the total amount of memory the combined SGA and PGA allocations should strive to stay within (remember, the PGA memory can be somewhat uncontrollable!). The database will dynamically determine what the proper SGA size is and what the proper PGA size is, based on workload history). Over time, as the workload performed in the database changes, the allocations to the SGA and PGA will change as well. For example, if you are heavy OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) during the day and heavy batch
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Avoid Shared Pool Reserved Free List Fragmentation
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In this chapter, we saw how the classes in the System.Xml.Linq namespace can be used to create and represent XML data and how they have been designed to work well with LINQ queries. We saw how to work with XML data declaratively and how to do the same using LINQ queries. If you have used other XML processing APIs, such as SAX and DOM, then you will appreciate the flexibility and ease of use that LINQ to XML offers, and the ability to use LINQ queries and PLINQ queries is exceptionally useful.
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Note The code for this project is in the Web06 directory, a subdirectory of Code06. The Code06 solution
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For a more complete description, please check out the Copy and Paste section in 2: Typing Tips, Copy/Paste and Search.
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Setting the Underlying Type
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Web Services Enhancements 2.0
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GPU hardware acceleration is a manual opt-in feature on the Silverlight plug-in and thus is disabled by default. To explicitly enable GPU hardware acceleration for an HTML or ASP .NET page hosting a Silverlight plug-in, set the EnableGPUAcceleration parameter at the Silverlight Object tag level to true, as shown in the following code: <object data="data:application/x-silverlight-2," type="application/x-silverlight-2" width="100%" height="100%"> <param name="EnableGPUAcceleration" value="true" /> </object> That s it. This single line enables GPU hardware acceleration at the Silverlight plug-in level. Now you can take advantage of it in your application to enable bitmap caching at the user interface element level, which is our next topic.
Never assign too much importance to a specific number, or even a range of numbers. Although in statistics the index of dispersion indicates that a dataset may be overdispersed if the ratio is higher than 1, no specific value of this index would be an appropriate target for all database systems. As you can see from the results for the acceptably performing site on page 465 it is possible to have much higher VMR values and still be well within your targeted performance level. The goal in this analysis is not to achieve a certain number or to eliminate all variation. The goal is to obtain as much knowledge as possible of the system s capability and the potential influences of applicable noise factors: the variables that you have identified as most likely to impact your system. The earlier you can gather this information, the easier and more cost-effective it will be to plan your design and implementation appropriately. If your system is already in production but failing to meet performance targets, analyzing for variance can help you identify your best targets for measurement and improvement. If you know which processes have the highest VMR value, you know which processes are most likely to extend their runtime and create resource bottlenecks. If you know that elapsed time or variance values have increased inexplicably for some processes, you know to investigate and determine why. If you can confirm that the system is performing as expected right now, but additional growth is expected, you know it s time to revisit capacity planning efforts and determine whether additional optimizations in code or hardware will be needed to meet the new requirements. In the words of Cary Millsap, Why guess when you can know When using variance in the design phase, its best application is in identifying the architecture that will be the most stable and predictable for your expected conditions. When using variance to monitor a production system, think of it as a barometer of the conditions in and around your system. Sudden or extreme changes could indicate that trouble is brewing, but minor fluctuations are perfectly normal.
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