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Here is the output of Listing 5-21: first second If you use a size greater than the number of elements provided, the uninitialized elements are included in the length, as in Listing 5-22. Listing 5-22. Initializing Only Part of an Array // arrays_uninitialized_elements.cpp using namespace System; int main() { array<String^>^ stringArray = gcnew array<String^>(5) { "one", "two" }; for (int i = 0; i < stringArray->Length; i++) { Console::WriteLine( stringArray[i] ); } Console::WriteLine("End."); } The uninitialized elements are null String handles, which are rendered as extra blank lines: one two
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private void rectAnimBottomLeft_Completed(object sender, EventArgs e) { //current is a reference of Storyboard //that is used for Pause/Resume current = rectAnimTopRight; rectAnimTopRight.Begin(); } private void rectAnimTopRight_Completed(object sender, EventArgs e) { current = rectAnimBottomLeft; rectAnimBottomLeft.Begin(); } The start/stop and pause/resume functionalities for each animation are similar. Here s the pause/resume button click handler. We need to check whether the animation is running and whether it s paused (in order to build the expected behavior into the buttons). private void movementPauseResumeButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if(current.GetCurrentState() != ClockState.Stopped && !movementPaused) {
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Dual Criteria Classes
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The final Csla.DataPortal method is Delete(), which is virtually identical to Fetch(). It also receives a criteria object as a parameter, which it uses to get a Type object for the business class, and so forth. The Delete() method exists to support the immediate deletion of an object, without having to retrieve the object first. Instead, it accepts a criteria object that identifies which object s data should be deleted. Ultimately, the server-side DataPortal calls the business object s DataPortal_Delete() method to perform the delete operation.
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usable in more cases. The ability to transport a tablespace allows a DBA to move or copy the already formatted data files from one database and attach them to another for example, to immediately copy all of the tables and indexes from an Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) database to a Data Warehouse (DW). However, in many cases, the OLTP database might be using a small block size, such as 2KB or 4KB, whereas the DW would be using a much larger one (8KB or 16KB). Without support for multiple block sizes in a single database, you wouldn t be able to transport this information. Tablespaces with multiple block sizes should be used to facilitate transporting tablespaces; they are not generally used for anything else.
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Notice that you can adjust whether to allow certain apps at all: Safari, YouTube, iTunes, Installing Apps, Camera, FaceTime, or Location. OFF = RESTRICTED You might think that ON means something is restricted, but it's the opposite. In order to disable or restrict something, you need to touch the slider next to it and change it to OFF. If you note the word Allow above all the options, it makes sense. NOTE: For any apps you restrict, their icons will disappear. So if you restrict YouTube, the App Store, and FaceTime, the YouTube and App Store icons would disappear from the Home screen and the FaceTime option would be removed.
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The if statement is described in the Performing Selections section earlier in the chapter.
The ValidationRules class is the primary class in the Csla.Validation namespace. Every business object that uses the validation rules functionality will contain its own ValidationRules object. ValidationRules relies on the other classes in Csla.Validation to do its work. Together, these classes maintain the list of rules for each property and the list of currently broken rules.
In this chapter we covered a lot of ground; we examined quite a few aspects of cloud table storage. We saw how to access data in the cloud and worked through quite a few hints and tips to use when working with cloud table storage data access. There are many useful tools available to you, such as Fiddler 2, LINQ, and REST. Storing your data in the cloud would be useless if you couldn't alter it or remove it, so we covered this aspect of data storage next. We saw how to update data in buckets (a useful technique with cloud storage) and covered some best practices. Finally, we looked at relational storage in cloud table storage, which is definitely an option for some projects.
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