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Adding Functions
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compControl ::= #define dottedName | #define dottedName QSTRING | #undef dottedName | #ifdef dottedName | #ifndef dottedName | #else | #endif | #include QSTRING | ;
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Declaring a simple generic class is much like declaring a regular class, with the following differences: Place a matching set of angle brackets after the class name. Between the angle brackets, place a comma-separated list of the placeholder strings that represent the types, to be supplied on demand. These are called type parameters. Use the type parameters throughout the body of the declaration of the generic class to represent the types that should be substituted in. For example, the following code declares a generic class called SomeClass. The type parameters are listed between the angle brackets, and then used throughout the body of the declaration as if they were real types. Type parameters class SomeClass < T1, T2 > { Normally, types would be used in these positions. public T1 SomeVar = new T1(); public T2 OtherVar = new T2(); } Normally, types would be used in these positions. There is no special keyword that flags a generic class declaration. The presence of the type parameter list, demarcated with angle brackets, distinguishes a generic class declaration from a regular class declaration.
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Creating Static Methods
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Identifiers and Keywords
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.override A::Bar .override A::Baz ldstr "B::BarBaz" call void [mscorlib]System.Console::WriteLine(string) ret } } ... .method public static void Exec() { .entrypoint newobj instance void B::.ctor() // Create instance of derived class castclass class A // Cast it to base class dup dup // We need 3 instance pointers // On stack for 3 calls
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Entity SQL is similar to T-SQL (but has its own EF-specific features and intricacies); the following is an example Entity SQL query: string queryString = @"SELECT VALUE o FROM BookEntities.Orders AS o"; ObjectQuery<Order> query = new ObjectQuery<Order>(queryString, ctx, MergeOption.NoTracking); We have barely touched what Entity SQL is capable of, so for more information (on anything EF related) please refer to Julia Lerman s book Programming Entity Framework, published by O Reilly.
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The BusinessBase class defines a MustOverride GetIdValue() method. This means that the method must be implemented by any subclass, such as Project. The purpose behind the GetIdValue() method is to allow BusinessBase to implement the standard System.Object overrides: Equals(), GetHashCode(), and ToString().
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Listing 15-10. Looking for Users Who Have the SELECT ANY TABLE Privilege who_has_priv: Release - Production on Thu Aug 27 19:05:33 2009 Copyright (c) 2004 Limited. All rights reserved. PRIVILEGE TO CHECK [SELECT ANY TABLE]: SELECT ANY TABLE OUTPUT METHOD Screen/File [S]: S FILE NAME FOR OUTPUT [priv.lst]: OUTPUT DIRECTORY [DIRECTORY or file (/tmp)]: EXCLUDE CERTAIN USERS [N]: USER TO SKIP [TEST%]: Privilege => SELECT ANY TABLE has been granted to => ==================================================================== Role => DBA (ADM = YES) which is granted to => User => SYS (ADM = YES) User => SYSMAN (ADM = NO) User => AA (ADM = NO) User => SYSTEM (ADM = YES) Role => APPROLE (ADM = NO) which is granted to => User => BB (ADM = NO) User => AA (ADM = NO) User => SYSTEM (ADM = YES) User => IMPORTER (ADM = NO) User => MDSYS (ADM = NO) User => SYS (ADM = YES) Role => IMP_FULL_DATABASE (ADM = NO) which is granted to => User => SYS (ADM = YES) User => WKSYS (ADM = NO) User => IMPORTER (ADM = NO) Role => DBA (ADM = NO) which is granted to => User => SYS (ADM = YES) User => SYSMAN (ADM = NO) User => AA (ADM = NO) User => SYSTEM (ADM = YES) Role => APPROLE (ADM = NO) which is granted to => User => BB (ADM = NO) User => AA (ADM = NO) User => SYSTEM (ADM = YES) User => IMPORTER (ADM = NO) Role => DATAPUMP_IMP_FULL_DATABASE (ADM = NO) which is granted to => Role => DBA (ADM = NO) which is granted to => User => SYS (ADM = YES) User => SYSMAN (ADM = NO) User => AA (ADM = NO) User => SYSTEM (ADM = YES) Role => APPROLE (ADM = NO) which is granted to => User => BB (ADM = NO) User => AA (ADM = NO) User => SYSTEM (ADM = YES) User => IMPORTER (ADM = NO) User => SYS (ADM = YES)
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to stop, check the flux capacitor, and jump ahead to the ASP.NET forms again. If this is your first time through this chapter, you have no idea what I m talking about here. Just ignore this little note for now. It will all become clear in about 20 pages.
The Workflow Object Model
The UnauthenticatedIdentity() method is actually a variation on the factory concept, but in this case, it probably doesn t use the data portal. Instead, it merely needs to create an instance of CustomIdentity, in which IsAuthenticated returns false.
From/To Animation: ColorAnimation KeyFrame Animation: ColorAnimationUsingKeyFrames Example usage: Animate the Color of a Rectangle SolidColorBrush)
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