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Figure 32-15. Changing the tab order As you can see from Figure 32-15, I have clicked the controls in the order I want to use them. Click the three controls in the order shown in the figure and then disable the tab order overlay by selecting the Tab View item from the View menu again. You can stop a control from being selected by the Tab key by changing the TabStop property to False. I have done this for the large TextBox and NumericUpDown controls in the project. You don t have to change the tab order, but a surprising number of users use the Tab key to navigate through forms, and you can make your program easier and reduce frustration by using a tab order that follows the natural order a user will want to take through the information.
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n 4 we built a workflow using the SharePoint Designer. It gave us a nice, wizardbased approach to creating our custom workflow. That tool will suffice for many situations, including Building basic workflows from the provided actions and conditions Quickly creating and deploying workflows on a single list or library Allowing power users to create their own workflows But what if your needs are more complicated What if you need to have more control over your workflow processing, or deploy that workflow to more than one site For these and many other scenarios, you re going to need a full developer platform. Rather than creating a whole new tool, Microsoft has opted instead to simply extend Visual Studio with the Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation. As developers, this makes our lives much easier we re already familiar with the core tool Visual Studio and the programming paradigm. We just need to pick up a few nuances of the extensions.
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Secure, Reliable, Transacted Web Services: Architecture and Composition Donald F. Ferguson (IBM), Tony Storey (IBM), Brad Lovering (Microsoft), John Shewchuk (Microsoft) Whitepaper (September 2003) Located at MSDN Home Web Services Home Understanding Web Services Advanced Web Services
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Save the diagram to the database, naming it PTrackerRelationships. VS .NET will then ask whether to update the tables. Remember that these relationships are reflected as formal constraints within the database itself, so this diagram directly impacts the database design.
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2. In the XAML portion of the screen, locate the Storyboard with the Key of Storyboard1 as I
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Add an indexer.
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A service contract is the set of methods that your server will support and is defined using a C# interface. For your calculator example, you will define four methods to handle addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction, as shown by Listing 21-10. Listing 21-10. A Simple WCF Service Contract using System.ServiceModel; [ServiceContract] public interface ICalculatorServer { [OperationContract] int PerformAddition(int x, int y); [OperationContract] int PerformMultiplcation(int x, int y); [OperationContract] int PerformSubtraction(int x, int y); [OperationContract] float PerformDivision(int x, int y); } To create a service contract from an interface, you must apply the ServiceContract attribute to the entire interface and the OperationContract attribute to each method in the interface that you want to make available to clients. Both attributes are found in the System.ServiceModel namespace. Applying the OperationContract to every method can be tedious, but it does allow you to create a service contract from an interface that already exists in your program, selecting only some methods to be published to clients. Having created a service contract, you need to create an implementation class. This is just like implementing a regular C# interface. The example implementation is shown in Listing 21-11. Listing 21-11. Implementing a Service Contract using System; class CalculatorImpl : ICalculatorServer {
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The SpecialFolder enum has had a number of new options added to represent pretty much any type of folder on a Windows machine. For example, you can access the CDBuring folder: Environment.SpecialFolder.CDBurning
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