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All user controls that are to be displayed on MainForm must inherit from the WinPart base control. This control adds common behaviors used by the code in MainForm to manage the display. It inherits from UserControl: public partial class WinPart : UserControl
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Message-Based Communication
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Table creation can also be done within Server Explorer: just right-click the Tables node under the database, and choose New Table. This will bring up a table designer in VS .NET, with which you can define the columns for the new table. Once the columns, keys, and indexes have been set up, save the changes by closing the designer or clicking the Save button in the toolbar. At this point, you ll be prompted to provide a name for the table, and it will be added to the database.
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classHead ::= classHeadBegin extendsClause implClause classHeadBegin ::= .class classAttr dottedName typarsClause classAttr ::= /* EMPTY */ | classAttr public | classAttr private | classAttr value | classAttr enum | classAttr interface | classAttr sealed | classAttr abstract | classAttr auto | classAttr sequential | classAttr explicit | classAttr ansi | classAttr unicode | classAttr autochar | classAttr import | classAttr serializable | classAttr nested public | classAttr nested private | classAttr nested family | classAttr nested assembly | classAttr nested famandassem | classAttr nested famorassem | classAttr beforefieldinit | classAttr specialname | classAttr rtspecialname | classAttr flags ( int32 )
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The UI must update any references from the old business object to the newly updated business object as soon as the new object is returned from the data portal.
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Version 2.0 of the ILAsm compiler supports the verbal description of the custom attribute value blob. This makes reading and writing the custom attribute values quite a lot easier. The definition of a serialized primitive type is similar to the definition of the fields and properties initialization values (see 9). For example, the value 0x1234 of an int32 parameter from the previous section is expressed as int32(0x1234). The values of Boolean parameters are expressed as bool(true) or bool(false). The definition of a string begins with the keyword string, followed by the single-quoted string value in parentheses. For example, the string Common Language Runtime from the previous section would be represented as string('Common Language Runtime'). To express a null-reference string, the construct string(nullref) is used. The definition of the serialized types (instances of [mscorlib]System.Type) begins with the keyword type, followed either by the type name in ILAsm notation or by keyword class and the single-quoted class name in Reflection notation: type([OtherAsm2]MyNamespace.MyEnclosingClass/MyNestedClass) or type(class 'MyNamespace.MyEnclosingClass+MyNestedClass, OtherAssembly, Version=,PublicKeyToken=0102030405060708, Culture=fr-CA')
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Let s now examine the script behind repositionPanel that is responsible for moving the panel to a new location on the page:
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Table 3-22. Key Events of the System.Windows.Controls.AutoCompleteBox Class
// IEnumerator--Current // IEnumerator--MoveNext // IEnumerator--Reset // IDisposable--Dispose
The primary control on the form is a simple ListBox that is data bound to the ProjectList object. This binding was set up using drag-and-drop binding from the Data Sources window. Recall that dragging the Roles collection onto the designer resulted in a DataGridView control. That is the default control, but you can change that in the Data Sources window before dragging the data source onto the designer. Doing that requires customizing the list of controls available from the Data Sources window. Figure 9-12 shows the Customize menu option you would use.
With consistent use of business objects, there s no way to bypass the business logic. The only way to the data is through the object, and the object always enforces the rules.
vertices[i++] = new VertexPosition(forwardBottomRight); vertices[i++] = new VertexPosition(backUpperRight); vertices[i++] = new VertexPosition(backBottomRight); //face behind vertices[i++] vertices[i++] vertices[i++] the camera = new VertexPosition(backBottomLeft); = new VertexPosition(backUpperRight); = new VertexPosition(backUpperLeft);
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